fate/zero 9 and ben-to 8

“Sometimes tender; sometimes hard. Those are the capricious feelings of a girl.”

I suddenly crave rice for dinner. I was so confused for most of the episode– wait, both of their names are “Kyou”? Not one of them is named, “Ryou”? Even if Kyou’s hair is slightly more voluminous than Kyou’s hair, it’s still damn near impossible to tell them apart. Though I like the injection of more hawt lesbians into my half-priced bento battle arena. This show just keeps the pedal to the metal. Consistently enjoyable even when they’re not fighting over bentos.

(Also like how one is more “manly” and wears the flannel while the other wears a lacy camisole. Ah, the manga-ka… if we ever needed to harvested pervertedness as an energy source, we have plenty between all the manga-ka in Japan and all the anime bloggers around the world.)

“Using a simple method to accomplish something impressive far outshines using a complex method to achieve the same thing.”

I think Iskandar would be great at (a) inspiration speeches before major counter-assaults against invading alien races (b) designing mobile phone OSes (c) professional bro as “Brokandar” (d) late night infomercial pitchman. Why do I need so many cleaning agents when all I need is Oxy Clean?!

(Iskandar would also be great as an NFL pre-game host. He over laughs, likes interrupting people, is loud and boastful, and can’t tell the difference between a blitz and not a blitz.)

Iskandar is like the dad that Waver never had. Rider is a great father figure for him– watches out for him, teaches him life lessons, encourages him, and, most importantly, embarrasses the hell out of him in front of his Holy Grail battlin’ friends. It’s kinda funny that Waver is basically the weakest Master, yet he’s about as advanced as anyone from the Fifth Holy Grail War. I just like how the storyline goes from serious manly men fighting over the Grail to a bunch of high school seniors and that everyone just seems more, um, fleshed out and better characterized in Fate/zero. I just hope there isn’t any of that reboot and repeat nonsense in this series. If only we can get Gen Urobuchi to save Gundam. Sigh. At least Unicorn isn’t– nevermind.

Kyou is supposedly using a Macbook (or Pineapple as according to the boot up screen), and, well, you’re doing it wrong. One, what Macbook has 2/3 buttons on it? Unless they make a Hackintosh, but I doubt it with the Apple-like branding that has gone into it. Two, the Macbook’s power cord is white, not black. Three, how are they getting any 3G or 4G wireless data service in the middle of a hospital? David Productions, fix this in the BD release. And moar fanservice while you’re at it.

(But bonus points for having Twitter open at the beginning of the episode. Welcome to 2010, anime!)

“Saito, nakkid and covered in semen…”

“I am raging for you.”

“I wish you could show me how to fight… with your arms… with your body.”

Let’s just say that the twins balance out Muscle Cop’s fan works.

I completely agree with Kiritsugu that they should go for Kayneth and finish him off. Go for the throat. This isn’t a friendly match of bocce ball– it’s the Holy Fucking Grail War. You do what you need to do to win, whether it is injecting penis worms into a little girl, cheating by pretending you’re an unbiased judge, or using Facebook to track your opponent’s moves. You don’t leave shit on the table.

(Dear Saber, you’re not Kira “Jesus” Yamato with Strike Freedom Gundam. You have an injured arm, you have yet to win any duel against another Servant, and you have a pouty face all day. You cannot win by holding back. You can win by giving it your all and not being afraid of killing. And, IANAK, but the Knight’s Code says that it if it is for the betterment of all, a few sacrifices are tolerable. Kiritsugu and Irisviel want to use the Holy Grail to stop the Child Broiler. That will save more kids than hunting down Caster would do. Sincerely, A Friend Who Cares.)

The plot of this episode was lame in that Kyou^2 got Satou confused with Sen… after all, one is a thighlicious girl and the other is a healthy boy… so much alike. But it was effective in delivering Kyou fanservice. I liked how one of them constantly smothered him with sexual innuendo while the other just plain smothered him. While wearing the cute nurse outfit. That’ll do. That’ll do.

“This raging feeling inside me.”

Wait, when did my half-priced bento show turn into “how to make terribad amateur pr0n” show? I’m not complaining. I am just wondering. And, yeah, with Satou’s reveal to Kyou, Ben-to is slowing turning into Sora no Otoshimono except with a lot tamer fanservice.

Sola-Ui is evil and awesome and needs to have Thanksgiving dinner with the Sonozakis. I like how there wasn’t a female master until now… unless we count Waver.

(I like how this week we had both plots featuring a girl torturing a boy on his deathbed. Cute twin lesbian nurses or bat-shit crazy evil Sola-Ui? Mmm… both Ben-to and Fate/zero get distinction stickers this week. I look forward to studying this subject matter more.)

“Sega is stupid.”

Which is what I wished Ice Witch said before she tossed the Dreamcast out the window. Ice Witch is a terrible loser– she reminds me of Michael Jordan. Highly competitive, couldn’t stand to lose, and will nudge the odds in her favor to get what she wants. She is one to be reckoned with.

Why do a lot of old Irish tales feature hawt young wives/ladies running off with hawt young knights while ditching their older husbands/men? This happened both to Lancer 4 Diarmund and Lancer 5 Cú Chulainn. I guess the same reason modern Japanese fiction involve high school girls in thigh highs and awkward boys piloting mecha.

(Is there some requirement that Lancer be Irish? If we can genderswap King Arthur into a cute haremette, why can’t we swap Lancer as well? Archer is already fabulous enough to be one in a boy’s love setting, and Iskandar… well… he’s just too much bro to be genderswapped. This is until next week when pixiv becomes obsessed with churning out Iskandarine fanart.)

Trusting Sola-Ui is as smart as trusting Kyubey with a 14 year old girl. Things will only end in tears for Lancer. I am surprised once Sola-Ui gave up him the puppy eyes, he couldn’t see through her obvious lie. She hesitated! She is just using you! Aaaaah!


1. Double your pleasure.

2. Double your trouble.

3. Double your rainbows.

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  1. THat blush was wrong, when Waver got praised. Very wrong. But Iskander is good with speeches.

  2. Plus, being Lancer is suffering, no matter what Fate incarnation he’s in.

  3. I’m… surprised you didn’t pull out an image of Sola-Ui doing that yandere trance pose…

  4. “Iskandar… well… he’s just too much bro to be genderswapped.”

    Ha! Feast your eyes on Siskander and just TRY to contain your boner.



  5. I haven’t seen one of those yet, Kherubim. Waiting for Pixiv torovide v

  6. Not ALL Lancers are Irish. The expanded materials (like Fate/Apocrypha and Fate/EXTRA) add more to the list, like Vlad Tepes for example.

  7. That was a Sega Saturn, not Dreamcast. I only know because they were playing virtua fighter 2, which was one of the games that Sega included for free to try and juice their sales. That was a bad time for Sega as they had PS1 and N64 to deal with.

  8. I think the reason everyone in Fate/Stay Night seems less impressive than the people in Fate/Zero was that they had had sixty years to prepare for the Holy Grail War in Fate/Zero, and only had ten years to prepare for the one in Fate/Stay Night. The Masters in Fate/Zero were the best of their generation, they had been preparing for it their whole lives. (Except Kariya, lol, oops. I’ll take Ilya over him as Berserker’s Master any day). After Fate/Zero killed all the big shot wizards, there wasn’t enough time to properly train a new crop. That’s why you got people like Rin, who were talented but immature, taking part.

  9. @Myssa Rei: I’m currently enjoying Fate/Extra, though after the “high schoolers fighting a war” stuff from Fate/Stay Night, I’m continually surprised at what can qualify as a magus. Ran ran ruuuuu…

  10. Ben-to is slowing turning into Sora no Otoshimono except with a lot tamer fanservice.

    In Ben-to the females are just as perverted as the male lead, if not more so. Sen, Shaga and disaster-girl seem pretty normal, but the rest… oy vey.

  11. Just have to ask: is “(a) inspiration speeches before major counter-assaults against invading alien races” reference to Mass Effect? “Hold the line!”

  12. Stop picking on Saber.

    Its called Chivalry.

    It may be dead nowadays, but where she comes from its her way of life.
    Stop ignoring that fact.

  13. Funny how romanticized chivalry is, considering how much it is ignored and used at the convenience of the nobility back then.

    Saber’s inflexible attitude does make sense when you compare it to Lancer’s backstory (and knowing her backstory as well).

  14. Aww, why the hatin’? I like Fate/Stay. Watch it without considering Fate/Zero too much and it’s a good series.

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