winter is coming

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… all the better reason to curl up with some good anime. Or at least anime so bad, it’s good.

(Full chart.)

I guess some highlights.

I’m looking forward to Nisemonogatari as much as Kyubey looks forward to making contracts.

I’m looking forward to Amagami SS+ Plus as much as Sanetoshi looks forward to being fabulous.

PA Works goes with an untested writer for Another. First time directors don’t exactly have the best track records.

JC Staff is throwing shit against the wall and hoping it sticks.

I would feel a lot better about the (hyped lol?) BRAVE10 if it weren’t scripted by the person who does more fuwa fuwa time series like Da Capo, Meido-sama, and Midori no Hibi. Not exactly action series.

Black Rock Shooter and Rinne no Lagrange just seem like bland ideas. But, you know, I encourage original work… you’re bound to get it right eventually.

And didn’t we get a high school boys acting like K-On! girls anime last season? I’m just glad it’s Sunrise doing it. They won’t make it too homoerotic…

I like how Recorder to Randoseru has “writer *TBA”. “Hey guys, let’s make some heartwarming, slice-of-life anime! We don’t need plot! We’ll just make shit up! Look how well it worked for insert generic anime name!”

I think my prediction: six weeks from now, I’ll be like, “I miss the days of Fate/zero, Penguindrum, Ben-to, and Mirai Nikki. All I have left are Nisemonogatari and Amagami. And definitely not Gundam Seed… I’m definitely not wasting time watching that remaster, if only to see if they left in the emo facial distortions. Definitely not doing that.”

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  1. Did Amagami really warrant a sequel? It wasn’t on too long ago, but all I can remember about it was that Miya was the star of the show, Junichi was the prince of deviants, and the rest of the female cast were stereotyped doormats for him to walk over.

    I’m kinda hoping that Shaft will animate all of Nisemonogatari in the preview card style from Bakemonogatari that the fire sisters were mostly drawn in. It would be trolling worthy of KyoAni, but oh so epic at the same time.

  2. Amagami SS+, Black Rock Shooter, and Highschool DxD are all I’m looking forward to this season.

    I was pleasantly surprised by Boku wa Tomodachi Sukunai which I had never heard of before, so perhaps there will be some nice surprises this season.

  3. Nichijou gets a shorter reairing? I wonder what they will keep, and if it will do better because of it?

  4. I miss Ben-To too :'(

  5. Unfortunately it seems like a week season, especially with not as many hold overs from fall. I guess I am looking forward to nisemonogatari and amagami somewhat, But if im bored I’ll just watch zero no tsukaima to kill time

  6. sequels, sequel, sequals!

    Also Papa no lu Koto o kikinasai- WTF? How can a 19 year old have a daughter at middle school?

  7. @English Moe Fan
    Technically, she’s his step niece, as is the second oldest. The youngest is his niece.

  8. Tatsuo Sato (Nadesico, Shingu, Stellvia) is directing Miniskirt space pirates, which makes it one oc my most anticipated series for the season, surpassed only by Nisionogatari.

  9. Not the most impressive looking of the seasons…
    Im going to watch Black Rock Shooter. Yes, the new characters designs are pretty bland. But I loved the OVA.
    Also Mouretsu Pirates looks decent. And since Macross Frontier I didnt watch a decent sci-fi anime. (Extra points for no being an Harem and no annoying male lead).
    Rinne no Lagrange… maybe.

  10. Maybe the reason the writer for Recorder to Randoseru is TBA is because it’s a Madoka-level mindfuck and they don’t want to tip their hand.

  11. Amagami SS gets another round?

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