male nichijou 1

“Read the atmosphere, man!”


“All of you, maximize your virgin power!”

A lot of great lines from the first episodes this season. I’ll put this behind “Time for some piracy!” and “The plains and mountains are equally wonderful.” but way ahead of anything said in BRAVE 10. Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou is basically Nichijou if (a) Sunrise made it with a Minnesota Twins budget instead of Kyoto’s Yankees budget (b) used a male trio instead of a female lead trio (c) was “looser.” Come on… Tabata is like a homeless man’s Mai and Tadakuni is a poor man’s Yuko. They even subdivide the episode into Nichijou-like chunks and feature random corgis running around in the background. I would be showing off my best “you fucking serious” face if they introduced a seven year old mad scientist with a talking pet mascot.

(Funny thing is if Nichijou were made by Sunrise and Male Nichijou were made by Kyoto, I think the overall snobby anime blogger reaction would be the same. All hail Sunrise! Kyoto isn’t cool anymore! Basically, anime blogging has turned into Android / iPhone tech blogging, only we have more meido. At least I have more meido.)


Which is kinda funny since we have Kyon in Male Nichijou. I was going crazy– “It’s Kyon! Doing the Kyon thing! In a Kyon voice!” Of course it’s going to work. It’s like giving Rie Kugimiya a wrathful loli character. Just second nature at this point. I just wish Ragna the Bloodedge and more internal monologue opportunities. ASW, get on it.


So predictable yet so funny. The pacing… the character interaction… the timing… all well-executed. It’s like the Fate/zero of broken gender comedies.


Saying as someone who grew up in the glory days of the JRPG, Square Enix RPGs are as relevant today as The Arsenio Hall Show or The Magic Hour. But I am proud of myself for instantly recognizing this as a homage to Dragon Warrior II’s boxart. Gosh darn, I loved Dragon Warrior II… I remember spending so much time wandering around lost discovering new locations and secrets and how amazing it was that the boat could dock anywhere (seriously, a big deal back then). Compared to new play mechanics of modern Final Fantasy and other JRPGs, I wish we had that old Dragon Warrior II open world / do as you fuck want sensibilities back. Oh wait, we do. It’s just called “Skyrim.”


Zaku in Gundam flair? Must be a joke in there somewhere. It’s like seeing Final Fantasy characters in Skyrim… wait a second


One thing about the decline of real books and the rising popularity of Kindles and Nooks and iPads, there goes my dream of stumbling across a cute girl at a cafe reading a dusty old copy of The Picture Dorian Gray… and then I impress her with my knowledge about Dorian Gray’s self-conflict between what he wants and what he wants to project. And then she’ll fall madly in love with me, and my portrait will age each time she puts on that meido– stop. Halt and catch fire command issued.


I… I… argggg!

(Why is this more frustrating than a harem anime? Or at least feels more frustrating?)



(Sometimes, I forget Sunrise is behind Keroro, Escaflowne, Dirty Pair, Outlaw Star, Plantes, and Cowboy Bebop. What happened? At least with Daily Lives of High School Boys, they’re able to poke fun at themselves. Can this show herald in a revitalized Sunrise like Gurren Lagann and Eva 2.0 with Gainax? Only if the new Code Geass series is, uh, not like Code Geass.)


I want to drink some of that Sunrise Kool-Aid. Gimme.

Three MVPs…

1. Sunrise for doing something different. You had me at Dragon Warrior II. (And, yeah, it’ll be great if Kyoto made a giant robot space opera…)

2. The mysterious book girl for being cute and violent and having that awesome :3 face.

3. Whoever was genius enough to use the lines from the last skit as the ED song.

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  1. Don’t forget Sunrise does Gintama too. It’s like they spend all their good people doing the long running shows and have only the trainwreck people around for their short ones.

  2. You call it “Male Nichijou”, but there are at least 2 other nicknames going around that are much better than that. I was wondering which one you’d prefer: “Nichibros” or “Dude Days”?

    My preference goes out to the second, but feel free to choose.

  3. @Joe4evr: wow, “Nichibros”, I like it
    Honestly laughed out loud when they tricked Tadakuni into wearing the skirt because I could see that working in reality, especially since both Yoshitake and Kyon…er Hidenori both played it straight. Hoping this series pans out after a pretty epic first episode.

  4. Dear blog好き, there any other truly great anime blogs out there? I have looked but it strikes me that I may not know where to start. I live for the writing style, content and aesthetic value of blog好き, placing it above all others in my books. I’m not prepared to sacrifice hi-res stills, atomic thin slicing or even overzealous references to melonpan, waifu and cakii, but I do want to see another side of this world.. Please help!

  5. Hey Jason, first time poster, love your writing. I know this is completely irrelevant to Male Nichijou, but I agree with your comment on the lost art of reading actual books. I don’t know if you made a 500 days of summer reference with that Dorian Gray scenario, but interestingly enough I have thought about finding the girl of my dreams by casually impressing a girl at some coffee shop with literature knowledge, but alas, the advent of technology has hindered all novelty of finding a real connection. (Sorry was getting too personal LOL). Anyways, love your NBA callbacks as well as your many absurd analogies to anime.

  6. We need more meido in anime, along with melonpan. I haven’t seen a symmetrical docking in a while either so I must look harder

  7. Genderbent Nichijou starring Kyon and young Gilgamesh? This is relevant to my interests. I haven’t yet checked everything out this season, but looks like this one is competing for season’s top comedy spot with Kill me Baby.

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