summer is almost over!

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  1. Thank god I’m too cool (and too old) for school, otherwise I’d be really depressed.

  2. I live in the southern hemisphere. Summer has been over for a while.

  3. I am not too old for school and depressed.

  4. I find nothing depressing about 1080p Chitanda images.

  5. No HD Chitandakini until 2013 :(

  6. Hyouka 19 came out and it was amazing. I don’t how KyoAni worked its majic, but for some reason, ep 19 is now my favorite!

    It’s like a stand-alone mini anime movie or something. They could ship it out as an OVA and I’ll buy it haha.

    It’s like a filler, only it’s not. It’s an ep that moved the story so much further than I would’ve expected! Now I know the reason why they made ep 18 the way it was. Haha, kyaa~ this is getting me excited for the next ones!

  7. Yeah!! ep 19 was totally awesome..
    now we understand the purpose of ep 18 and i think it’s gonna continue with ep 20 :D

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