chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai 6

“Chicks dig minor chords, right?”

“What the world needs most is… love <3!”

There’s no way the Sailor Moon remake is going to top this scene. Is this show Kyoto casually doing a magical girl show? This show has all the trimming and trappings of a magical girl show (even the cat can be considered a familiar), yet it’s not a magical girl show because it’s all in their delusional fantasies? Come on. It’s magical girls. Who cares if they are delusional or not? Wasn’t that the whole point of Sucker Punch? Young girls trapped in delusional fantasies where they are more powerful than in their current world.

(Speaking of things that are only things in name yet not things in name, if we replaced Daniel Craig with Macaulay Culkin, Skyfall could have been Home Alone 14. During the whole movie, I was thinking, “Mmm, the character’s name is ‘James Bond’, but the plot is a cross between The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Returns, and Home Fucking Alone.” I mean… a broken down and left-for-dead Batman who has to “rise” (well, at least his dick)? Check. A Joker that breaks out of the police station? Check. The theme of shadows? Check. The underground tunnels of Gotham used as a staging ground? Check. The physical deterioration of Bruce because of all his years as Batman? Check. The traps set to delay the bad guys around a home? Check. The Old Man Marley who bails out poor Macaulay Culkin? Check. The old dude who looked after Bruce after his parents died? Check. I wasn’t watching Skyfall. I was watching Sam Mendes’ take on Home Alone meets The Dark Knight.)

(You know what? I think I’m right. There is a conspiracy… notice how it rips off a movie by CHRIS Columbus and a movie by CHRIS Nolan. This cannot be a coincidence. Duh-da-dum…)

You’re telling me Shaft can top this in their final Madoka movie? I’d like to see that. Tsuyuri is awesome, even if we didn’t get to see another weird pillow of hers.

(I do like how it looks like she is farting hearts.)

Nibutani seems to spend more and more time each episode in Fake Mori Summer mode than in her fake cutesy girl mode.

“I can feel dark powers here!”

I also like how all the girls have ‘0’ on their shirts… of course, the male lead is the true Zero. Hail Britannia! Or as I like to call it, “Milt Romney’s ‘Murica”… since that’s the only version of 2015 America I can envision fielding an army of rollerblading robots. The choice was clear. Health care or rollerblading robots, and I am sorely disappointed we didn’t get rollerblading robots. How are we going to compete against Japan in the 2020 Robo-1? Oh well, at least we can start rooting for a Jeb Bush/Stephen Colbert ticket in 2016.)

(Wait, did Tsuyuri always have those? I might have to pencil her in for the #1 sp– err– not that I’m keeping a list or checking it twice or anything.)

(I call him “Milt” because he reminds me of the “Milk Holstein” from Nodame‘s live action adaption. Who is also in Drops of God‘s live action adaptation… which gets confusing. Anyway, he’s “Milt.”)

Rikka’s hand movements are awesome. I need to learn them for the office… and maybe even speak like her… “DARK POWERPOINT MASTER!” Not quite the same ring.

I like how the poll book resembled a Moleskin. Nice touch, Kyoto. But I don’t like how it’s a book… seriously? In 2011 high school kids will use books to keep track of how hot their classmates are? They won’t be using Facebook? Or create a custom CMS to run a fantasy sex league? Though I did like how all the boys in the class held their heads in shame like, “We’re not going to score any points in our fantasy sex league now, aren’t we?”

(I mean… the whole first thirty minutes of The Social Network was about how Mark Zuckerberg made a webpage that let his classmates rank the hotness of the women in their classes.)

This moment was awesome. It was like classic Three Stooges recreated by a slice-of-life harem anime.

(I would have liked Nibutani wearing one of those black T-shirts… especially if the front had said, “Mori Summer,” and the back said, “Fake #0”.)

The cat fighting… it’s intense. Kinda reminds me of Tenchi where Ryoko and Ayeka fight while Sakuya steals off with the prize… okay, not exactly. Okay, not exactly a prize. Then again, it’s not like Yuuta’s much of a prize either. One thing about Chu-2 is that the protagonists don’t protagonate much. They just kinda observe the chaos around them, and, for the most part, the chaos settles itself out. The whole ordeal with Isshiki this episode was started by, perpetuated by, and concluded by Isshiki. Yuuta was basically a listening post slash barber, and Tyrant Eye contributed little beyond the T-shirts.

This has to be considered a harem end, no? Isshiki is voiced by Souichirō Hoshi… so basically this shows male cast features Lulu and Kira Yamato. Not bad. And then completely unknowns (for the most part) for the voices of the four haremettes. In pr0n terms, it’s like casting Ron Jeremy and Brock Landers with four random girls the produces picked up from Venice Beach.

“Your face is too close.”

I was thinking that Houtarou could have solved this case within the episode. He wouldn’t want to do it, of course, but Chitanda would be too smitten by the love letter aspect to not toss a few “Kininarimasu!”‘s his way.

“Chicks dig minor chords, right?”

No. Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory… lasts forever.

(+10 brah points for anyone who can tell me who said that line originally.)

(Though I would have liked to have Isshiki play the first few chords to Fuwa Fuwa Time… would have been marvelous. It would have been a fantastic easter egg.)

Just committed social suicide. Ugh. Even if Yuuta came out as Dark Flame Master, it wouldn’t be this tragic. Though he shouldn’t have admitted it… he should have said that:

A. The poll was a joint effort between all the boys in the class. “We all stand together. Punish us all. All for one; one for all!”
B. “I am not Mr. Pleiades!!!”
C. “I only made the poll because of the abnormally high number of hot girls in this class.”
D. “It can’t be me. I’m totally gay. Didn’t you see me talk Itsuki-style to Yuuta earlier?”

(Again, the plot for this episode kinda just flowed right along without Yuuta’s or Rikka’s help. Issy– is it okay if I called him that?– found the love note. Issy lost the notebook. Issy became judge and jury. Issy asked for Yuuta to execute his hair.)

I was a bit confused. I thought this show was the one where the guy was addicted to the robot fighting game. Instead, it’s the show where the guy is addicted to the monster fighting game. My bad. In any case, for both shows, both the guys ignore the cute girl nearby. Dark Flame Master does realize a cute girl snuck into his bedroom at night? What does he do? Shoo her away because he needs to find 19 more wolf pelts or something.

(Then again, 19 more wolf pelts will allow him to craft a rare leather armor that awards four extra defense points over comparable leather armor in that level range… mmm…)

This scene was awesome as well. It’s like the perfect club room for them. But poor Issy is right… he needs to enjoy his hair when he has it. Hair today; gone tomorrow. Also, Wikipedia weighs in on Issy’s fate: “research has also shown that a person with a balding father has a significantly greater chance of experiencing hair loss. Men whose fathers had experienced hair loss were 2.5 times more likely to experience hair loss themselves, regardless of the mother’s side of the family.” Yep, he’s screwed. Wait… so am I… noooooooooooo! I’m not going to sleep well for a while. Not even on my brand new sheep pillow.

(All the mana jokes… come on… this isn’t Fate/Stay Night. Though that show would make a lot of sense if it were all in Shirou’s head… and he was a 14 year old who had this might fine dream after falling asleep when writing a book report on King Arthur…)

Not bad. Hey, it could have been worse.

“I made it nice and warm for you~”

Dairy rape?

(Speaking of rankings, if I had to rank all of Kyoto Animation’s works… mmm… ClannadHaruhiFumoffuNichijou (ages well, infinitely YouTube-able)… K-On!HyoukaKanon (way too much Makoto)… Munto. Chu-2 will probably end up… ahead of Nichijou. And all of them, save maybe Munto, is better than anything 70% of studios out there can make.)

Dawwww. Final thought: What if people don’t care about your secrets because everyone has secrets of their own?

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  1. One day Shinka’s going to wake up naked in a love hotel, wrapped up in Dekomori’s ludicrously hair, and have no idea how the hell it happened.

  2. Thank you Jason, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who thought the same thing while watching that last part of SKYFALL… that was bullshit. All the bloody-suckers from YouTube made the Batman reference, but nobody dared to talk about Home Alone.

    KyoAni is making more points in my book with Chu2. You just need to fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride.

  3. Where does FMP:TSR sit on your scale of KyoAni?

  4. I think it would’ve killed me if her sketch was instead Zero

  5. The black T-shirt and red skirt combination looks surprisingly good. If this were the old days, Rikka would have costume raped Shinka into one too though…

    Wait, did Tsuyuri always have those?

    See last week’s swimsuit segment. Worse cover-up operation than Shinka’s jacket.

  6. Not bad. Hey, it could have been worse.

    Indeed, it could’ve been drawn by Yuu Kobayashi. Not even Lovecraft could write of the obscenities that are Kobayashi’s drawings.

  7. And people were saying Tsuyuri was the most bland…I saw potential since her first appearance in episode 2 >=)

  8. TSR would sit between K-On! and Hyouka. Gates and the Twins were awesome, but it wasn’t fun to see Sagara mope around for six episodes.

  9. Exact thing I said when I left the theatre Home Alone meets the Dark Knight

  10. No. Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory… lasts forever.
    -Shane Falco, The Replacements-

  11. Chuunibyou is definitely a magical girl show, albeit a deconstruction. A different angle than DtB2 and Madoka (closer to the first, if you had to call it) and definitely not dark as dark as either.


    Get a pic of kitten for every 100 words you write, this could help you write your blog.

  13. Latest Chu2 was pretty heavy…

  14. I can only rank what I have seen. So here goes.

    1)K-ON!, !!, Movie. I stopped watching anime back in about 2002. I only came back around mid 2011. So, I watched K-ON in engorged chunks. Like a shark given free reign at Sea-World. Despite that rather sanguine note, I love this show because it was so easy to relax to. Watching it was something that just drained away the accumulated nonsense, and utter crap of a 55 hour work week. I could LOL, DAWW, and on occasion HNNNGH.

    2)Chuunibyou. Great slapstick comedy, good character moments, and a sweetness that just lingers like a fine sense of wonder. It’s not even done yet, but I have to rank it highly. Like most of KyoAni’s shows it makes a stamp with character narrative. Which is not an easy task to accomplish. It may end up being my fav of 2012.

    3) Hy-ouka. Again with the character development. It takes a great trust in the audience to do this sort of thing, especially for two cour worth of episodes. It had it’s weak moments to be sure, but it was much stronger in the end, and was very memorable. Well, except for the cop out ending. Damn you KyoAni.

    4) Nichijou. Just fun stuff all around. To many good moments to easily document.

    5)Harhuri. I actually don’t like the show all that much. I thought it was overly self indulgent, even if you discount Endless Eight. But. But. And this is frustrating as all Hell. But, if you didn’t watch the full series, you would not be able to appreciate the beauty that is Disappearance.

  15. Dairy rape. It does a body good.

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