nekomonogatari white 3

“I’m naughty for having thoughts like that.”

(I like how Black Hanekawa is playing with the string. More importantly, when did Araragi install a rope swing into his room? Between a rope swing, dango swing, and banana chair, he has the best home furnishings of any anime character. I want to recreate his room in Animal Crossing. Nyan~)


Seems like the tub is too small for the three of them– WHY AM I COMPLAINING?! Shaft is seriously serious with fanservice this season.


Serious business.


Say what about the architecture choices Shaft makes, at least they are consistent. The Arararagi house is still full of ladders and has a gigantic bathroom. Their bathroom might be visible from space. Somehow, we’re to believe that two police officers on a government salary can afford this palatial suite? Seriously? Unless they’re taking bribes and kickbacks, which I’m not willing to rule out just yet. Also of note: the production quality lighting for the house. Is the house rigged a la Big Brother? Did the parents build the house on the off chance their horny son might brush his little sister’s teeth, and they wanted to make sure they didn’t miss it plus wanted optimal lighting for the situation?


Odd as hell layout for a kitchen. Where do they story dishes and stuff? Where is their fridge? I want Shaft to publish an artbook about the architecture of Monogatari featuring blueprints and stuff. I think I would buy it.


Love the face on Hanekawa. “Is this drink poisoned?” “What have I gotten myself into?” “I thought I asked for my scotch dry!”


“To think Araragi would seek that wench’s help over mine. What should I do? First, disembowel?”
“Your persona is turning back from its new leaf.”

I love this face on Gahara-san. She always seems to be more… metaphorical… when her dad is around. I also like how Shaft did the third installment of the apron series using Senjougahara’s dad, thus making it a series gag. It’s also nice how he did the coffee all fancy and stuff, and the girls do not notice.


I’ve been playing too much Animal Crossing… need to catch those bugs. @_@


I like how Kanbaru going to meet the missing Ararararagi at night at an abandoned schoolhouse is normal for Hanekawa. Not only does she not bat an eye, she accepts it as, “Oh, he probably needs her arm to combat some oddity.” I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that Araragi’s disappearance, Kanbaru’s arm, Hanekawa’s tiger, and the school burning down are all connected. But isn’t that what Nisio Isin expects us to think? What if Araragi was actually battling a completely different oddity, and he and Kanbaru just so happen to leave before the place burns down?


“It shouldn’t be something we use repeatedly.”

Why not? It’s not like it gets less effective each time the loli vampire sucks the cat girl’s blood. It’s also not like Shinobu’s causing significant harm to Hanekawa. Seems like a good solution; therefore, the author needs to hand-wave some argument now that it can’t be used… and I’m glad. We really didn’t need three Hanekawa arcs in a roll resolved the same way. Then again, that’s basically Pokemon and Law and Order, and those shows have been around forever making a ton of cash. Maybe each arc should end with us finding out about Hanekawa’s current stress and then having the loli vampire suck her blood. And then repeat…


So far in this “second series,” everyone who previously had long hair now has short hair and vice versa (except loli vampire). Does this mean that when we finally get to see Araragi again, he’s going to be sporting an epic mullet? I hope so.

(Has to be hair extensions. No one can grow that much hair that fast.)


Senjougahra totally worked over Karen like a speed bag. I haven’t seen such a mismatch since Shaq vs. Shawn Bradley. She even threw in a victory head tilt.


Those monsters! What did they do to the donuts?! When I visited Portland, everyone kept saying how great Voodoo Donuts are, and, well, they are just cereal and random food items on donuts. The donuts themselves aren’t much different than donuts at Safeway. If you fed me a Voodoo Donut and one from Psycho Donuts in San Jose (a copycat of Voodoo), they’re basically the same. A donut place worth visiting? Dynamo Donuts in San Francisco. They don’t just put random stuff on the donuts or use random fillings but they perfect the actual donut itself. Just night a day difference between a donut that’s all style and one that’s all substance. It’s kinda like Hanekawa. She’s that donut that’s all show. She doesn’t know what’s inside anymore (nor does she cultivate it) because she wants to keep this finely tuned world-facing exterior. Heck, it’s the same for the Fire Sisters, Pre-Araragi Senjougahara, Pre-Araragi Kanbaru, and Pre-Araragi Nadeko. It’s almost like Araragi made everyone realize who they are and be happy with who they are. Hanekawa still isn’t since Araragi never root caused her… Shinobu’s been a bandage the last two times.


“It feels like a cooking manga where I can figure out people’s qualities by eating their cooking.”

Possible show ideas:

1. My original idea of a Good Eats reboot with Senjougahara and Alton Brown. Hanekawa and Shinobu would be the kitchen elves.
2. Hell’s Kitchen Wars. Gordon Ramsay and Senjougahara each lead a time of chefs in a reality TV competition series. I’m not sure who will be more vicious with their comments.
3. Baywatch. With Monogatari’s cast, with Araragi in the Hasselhoff role. It took seven years before we get another swimming club anime? And it’s full of guys?! Come on Shaft… put your money where your fanservice is.


I just like this screenshot. You can tell Senjougahara was thinking of visiting Araragi, then she hears Hanekawa say that she wasn’t going… so she stops, stops eating her Pocky, and then decides not to go either. Then bites into her Pocky. Shaft does small things well. Big things like drawing bathrooms…


I could go for some yakitori. Artist.

Three previous predictions for next episode…

1. Senjougahara’s secret plan is to start a cooking show with Alton Brown. Hanekawa would live on the set as the set elf. (Didn’t come true. Still hoping! Food Network, get on it.)
2. Less melonpan will be unleashed. (Totally wrong. Didn’t think Fire Sisters would contribute that much.)
3. Araragi will make a phone call. (Well, he texted Kanbaru.)

Three previous predictions for next episode…

1. Araragi and Kanbaru vs. the oddity will go as well as Cherno and Crimson Typhoon vs. a class 4 kaiju.
2. Less melonpan will be unleased.
3. Nadeko shows up.

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  1. AHHH! Pacific Rim reference at the very end! I like how Crimson and Cherno both get off’ed in like 5 seconds after being built up as badasses.

    It actually reminded me of anime a lot in that sense. Fitting considering the movie.

  2. Concerning everyone’s different hair lengths, I like to think of Shinobu as a universal constant of sorts. Except that she talks now, which I still find jarring but a welcome change.

    Also, yes. I want blue prints of every characters’ house asap.

    btw, I like how even though the Tiger is this mysterious entity that I’m sure is vital to the plot, everyone else is still a million times more interesting for me to care about it.

  3. Oh, Voodoo Donuts. I’m sorry. I have never understood the hype. My first experience with them was before they became the sort-of-famous entity they are today, and it was some kind of Cocoa Puffs covered chocolate donut. It was about as you described: A mediocre donut with some breakfast cereal on it.

    Ah, well.

  4. I’m rooting for a naked Nadeko and naked Mayoi next episode and everything would be complete (since Shinobu already showed skin in Nisemonogatari 4)

  5. I believe during Tsukihi Pheonix they mentioned she has fast hair growth ability.

  6. *sigh* alright, I wasn’t going to subject you to blather about Voodoo, but seeing it mentioned in the comments as well, I feel compelled… *said every idiot on the internet, ever*. I used to frequent Voodoo Doughtnut (no “s” in the name, by the way) when I was a teenager (oof, that feels like a long time ago), before it became a chain and the downtown one became a tourist destination where you have to wait in line for ever and one could argue with the Tres Shannon (one of the owners) about baseball (Yankee fan, if I recall correctly. I’m pretty sure he jovially said he hated Manny and Pedro after I walked in wearing a Sox cap, to which I let the first go, but had to stand up for the pitcher whose poster I had on my wall). Anyway, doughnuts. So yeah, the eye catching weird doughnuts are going to be the ones people try, (they used to have a nyquil doughnut) but they have a really great apple fritter (obviously best eaten fresh, as with all donuts) and I think their vegan ones are very good doughnuts without needing the caveat of “for a vegan doughnut”. When I’m back in Portland, I generally end up at the one on Sandy at some point. I expect there has been some dilution of quality over the years as the donuts taste basically the same at all 3 locations, but I consider it a very solid doughnut shop that probably gets backlash because of how it is hyped. Now, if you will excuse me, I’m off to watch Shawn Bradley highlights on youtube. Harumph. *1st result: Top 10 dunks on Shawn Bradley

  7. When I lived back in Dallas, I saw Shawn Bradley in a Whole Food once. He was talking in the produce section with a few people that recognized him (who wouldn’t) and were bored and brave enough to stop him. When I finished shopping, he was still there talking with those guys, and had the nicest smile on his face the entire time. Such a great guy; such high powered dojikko moe on the court.

  8. I think what Shinobu meant when she said it shouldn’t be used repeatedly is that they shouldn’t just pretend that the bloodsucking is the proper fix because unless they want to watch over Hanekawa forever, they should really fix the root of the issue. Like you said, Shinobu has just been a bandage so far.

    Also, in the book, Hanekawa notices that both Kanbaru and Tsukihi grow hair at inhumanly fast speeds, especially the latter. And as you know, neither are entirely human (though I don’t think Hanekawa knows about Tsukihi). And Araragi has actually been growing his hair for a few months since Kizumonogatari (still waiting on that) to cover up the vampire bite marks on the back of his neck so you might just get that mullet :)

  9. Senjougahara could just guest star in Shokugeki no Soma, I’d read it (or better yet, watch it)

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