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Kogarashi Sentiment is fantastic. I love the whole concept of mixing the new with the old as well as having Kaiki do the duet with Chiwa Saito. I think I would prefer less poorly-done CGI snakes and more Mazda Miata, but we all know where Shaft put its remaining budget for the series.

(In fact, a Miata is exactly the car I would picture for Kaiki…)


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  1. I was flipping shit at the creativity of this OP, thank you based SHAFT.

  2. By the end of the OP my face was hurting so bad from all that smiling. It was glorious.

  3. This reminded me of Utena for some reason… maybe it was the car.

  4. I loved the animation of the snack wrapping out the crab.

  5. The Commie subs had delightfully retro yellow subtitles for the 80s-esque portions that are just too goddam perfect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97SD-Y0hxcs

  6. I could never get tired of this OP. SHAFT nailed the 80s style so well I wish they’d make an entire series like that.

  7. I’m not sure what I liked about the OP more, the classic animation or Kaiki’s singing.

  8. off topic
    I realized it before
    ill say it now..
    these morons are being trained to be the new team.
    holy frack for anyone who actually needs real help.

  9. Was it just me being ignorant, or someone else realized that subtle aspect they intended to led as a lie, was in fact to cover the layer of relationship that Kaiki is actually Senjogahara’s ex?!?

    I just read all the script started from episode 20 and now those pointless soliloquy in the epilogue had just flashed me blind with all those goofy signs they acted towards each other, instead of a more ghastly resentment for someone who basically destroyed your family relations.

    Anyways, just had to unload this onto someone somewhere, hope you all did not mind.

    Here are the tips, remember how the familiar girl whose Gaen sent to tell Kaiki to drop the case basically said some irratic explanation as to why Kaiki had to poised Senjogahara’s parents for divorce to safe her from the cult her mother was lien to, then listen to that last piano tune and how Kaiki destroyed his sim card so that he can be out of her life after all the work he just did because he still loves her…?

    Or just slap me with a crazy batch, but I felt the heartache from the op tune whenever it rings now.

    You’re my boy, Kaiki-!!! You’re my boyyyyyy-

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