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I knew as much as Jon Snow about Amagi Brilliant Park, and I was as excited as a six year old girl meeting Cinderella at Disneyland when I saw Bonta-kun. We finally have Bonta-kun back in our lives, and that’s a great thing. I full expect great things to happen whenever Bon– err– Moffle is around.

(Other things I’d like to have back in our lives: Muteki Kanban Musume, Kogarashi, Chitanda, Hosaka, Mahoro, and Crystal Pepsi.)


“I have no time to waste on this walking copyright violation.”

“Moffle hates being called a rip-off more than anything.”

“There has to be a hoodlum inside.”

Oh man, this dialogue is great. The only way I can be happier is if a shark being sliced in half made it to Monogatari or Shizuru showing up in Cross Ange. I like how stoic and calm Kanie normally is until he goes near Moffle… totally shades of Crazy Policewoman and Bonta-kun. I am on-board with Kanie as the male lead as he has enough of the straight man to play off the wackiness of the park, but I’m not sold on Isuzu as she’s a bit too stiff right now personality-wise. We need to see more of her before I can make a judgment.


Terrifying. Absolutely terrifying. At this point, because of the stark contrast between the happy Disney-ish OP and the current hell hole state of the park, we can assume Kanie has been entrusted to restore it to its former glory. Why him? Good question. I’d like to know too. Like hiring a businessman who has worked in the amusement park industry would make too much sense… “Nah, let’s just go with the high school boy who got an 85 on his last Japanese history test.” Maybe he got the high score on a game of Theme Park or made an amazing design on Roller Coaster Tycoon 3. I need a reason to believe in Kanie.


“My reflexes will rock your thigh-high socks off.”

One of my favorite scenes from the episode. I loved the line as well as the revelation that he was massacring the mice… not so subtle jab at some theme park that is mice-themed, eh?

(Kyoto continues to be fashionable. I like both Kanie’s casual sports coat look as well as Isuzu’s cute thigh-high oriented look. They actually draw stuff that people might wear yet isn’t boring. Though Kanie looks a bit too much like a preppier, modern Hotaru.)


“Mama, that girl’s wearing light-blue stripes. Standard equipment!”


Another great line. That little boy is wise beyond his years. Won’t even make the obligatory Mio reference.


I was wondering where Isuzu kept her guns. Old school muskets coming out of a yellow-clad girl’s skirt? Now this is the real walking copyright violation.


Okay, maybe another copyright violation.


We get Bonta-kun back, and we get Tess-level fanservice from Isuzu?! Did we suddenly get 2004 “Let’s see how often we can show Tess naked” Kyoto instead of 2014 “Hey, let’s corner the female market with cute shoujo Tamako Market and man machine Iwatobi Swim Club” Kyoto? Oh man, “Tess-level fanservice” is also a long lost phrase like KILLER LOLIS or HARUHIGASM. Should I change the blog’s name back to Anime on My Mind for nostalgia’s sake?

(Apparently, her thigh-high socks weren’t knocked off…)


I guess no one remembers the infamous rubber ducky scene from Fumoffu’s epic hot springs episode… or Tess’ extremely long shower sequence in the Tess’ day OVA. She was Kyoto’s go-to girl before Mikuru. And did we totally forget that Xia Yu Lan and Xia Yu Fan were men in the light novels and that it was Kyoto who thought it was a good idea to turn them into incestuous lesbians? I remember holding a Ferris Bueller-class parade when that episode originally came out. It’s like Shoji Gatoh had some weird hold on Kyoto… though it doesn’t explain the total lack of fanservice in Hyouka.


Totally Lina after reading 6.82’s patch notes. Seriously? Not a single attack range increase buff?


I’m to believe Latifah Fullanza makes the croquettes for the park? Does she lace them with magic? Heroin? Magic heroin? Maybe that’s a reason why the park’s failing… the manager is too busy making croquettes to actually manage. One thing about Japan is that all the street food I found near attractions were all unilaterally terrible. You want good croquettes and takoyaki? Find a restaurant. All the food stalls were bad. Strangely, I found the opposite to be true of Taiwan. You want good croquettes and takoyaki? Find a stall in a night market or near an attraction.

(And let’s add Latifah Fullanza to the growing list of terrible anime names for characters who are supposed to be vaguely European. “Fullanza”? Seriously? What was the rejected name? Credenza? Fullanal?)


Three MVPs…

1. Moffle.

2. Isuzu’s ass.

3. Kyoto Animation.

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  1. “My reflexes will rock your thigh-high socks off.”
    I’m pretty sure that line is a Vivid punch-up.

    Also, the names! The names!

  2. Shoji Gatoh is clearly a good influence on kyoto. I’m looking forward to this show more than anything else they’ve produced for years. Pretty much since FMP.

    God DAMN do I miss FMP :(

  3. And no comment on how everyone seems to be named after rap or hip-hop acts. Granted, it was hidden by the usual Shoji Gatoh obtuse referencing, but come on! Kanie Seiya , where the kanji used for Seiya read “West” (so our hero is literally Kanye West), or Sento Isuzu (read as 50 Cent)? How about Seiya’s aunt Aisu Kyuubu (Ice Cube) or the easiest of all, Latifa herself (who’s a princess rather than a Queen).

    Nevermind the badguy is named Chris Tucker (Kurisu Takeya).

  4. I was going to comment on how great her name being Latifah was, but then Myssa’s post put it all into perspective. Thank you.

  5. Ah, naturally there’s already a post here about this shock KyoAni rediscovery of Tess-level fanservice *nods head*. I’m intrigued to see where this show’s gonna go with its collision of business, magic, vintage KyoAni and Bonta-kun.

    I have no time to waste on this walking copyright violation.

    Best line of the episode.

  6. KyoAni Golden Age is back.
    Jason Golden Age is back.
    Now I can life my non-raging-peaceful life again.

    Thanks Gatoh (d=3=)d

  7. Still waiting on the Dissappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan (and whoever is animating it).

    And more Hakura-neesama.


    Good times nostalgia alert. Killer lolis and the only facial distortions that can top Sunrise. Now I remember what I’ve been missing in my life.

  9. I’m a helicopter!

  10. lovely, just noticed the 2 corpse flower, amorphophallus titanum, on the love ride.
    wiki: “stench” includes dimethyl trisulfide (like limburger cheese), dimethyl disulfide, trimethylamine (rotting fish), isovaleric acid (sweaty socks), benzyl alcohol (sweet floral scent), phenol (like Chloraseptic), and indole (like mothballs).

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