amagi brilliant park 2

“I’m Kanie Seiya!”

(I like this show even more after finding out all the characters are named after hip hop stars… except the confusing Chris Tucker… wouldn’t naming him something opposite of hip hop be more effective? Like John Tesh! This video never gets old. Love the imaginary dribbling. Love the crazy guitarist dueling with the crazy violinist. Love the fact it is John Tesh who composed the defining basketball anthem for millions.)


Let me get this straight. The princess is from a distant world, has magical powers, and has come to our world in peace and cooperation? Plus she can grant others magical powers with a kiss? She has long blonde hair? And she prefers ornate white dresses? She’s actually Princess Asseylum Vers Allusia! Moffle is actually Slaine! It all makes sense now!


So back in Fumoffu‘s Single-Minded Stakeout episode where Sagara first hops into the Bonta-kun outfit, he fights four thugs that were threatening Chidori. The first thug he hit with an uppercut. The second thug he broke out the million punch technique. The third thug he rigorously pounded his crotch with his feet. The four thug he hit with a grenade launcher. Why am I bringing this up now? In the first episode, Moffle hit Kanie with an uppercut. This episode, Kanie gets hit with the million punch technique. Mmmm…

(So Funimation put all of Fumoffu on Youtube. Go watch it. Most of my favorite episodes revolve around Bonta-kun or Tess… but Warcry of Excessiveness is one of the greatest 25 episodes of anime ever and features neither Bonta-kun, Tess, or lesbian twins. That is not up for debate. It is also interesting how much better the animation is. While Fumoffu was already pretty good for its day, Amaburi feels like an upgrade from an old flip phone to an iPhone 6 Plus.)


“I’m a helicopter!”


Some awesome parenting right here.


I feel disappointed we did not get more Isuzu fanservice this episode; however, I am not disappointed at Kyoto’s love for cute fashion. I like how her red officer’s outfit features even more intense zettai ryouki than her normal school outfit, yet the socks are similar. I also like how businessy her outfit was with the meeting with Chris Tucker… it’s one of the only times we see her without her lovely socks. I don’t understand why Kanie is immune to her charms. He was both eager and disappointed to go on a date with her, and now he treats her as a normal human being. The gull of this man! When Isuzu asked him if he needed anything when he stayed late at the office, he should have requested resting using her thigh meat pillows. This man does not know how to enjoy life.


“I’m gonna keep talking about my love of T&A forever!”

Yes, please.


“The Mystic Musket, Steinberger. It can fire all kinds of ammo. The one I shot you with was Pain Bringer. It inflicts double the agony of stubbing one’s little toe on a dresser.”

Well, at least Gatou sorta explains why they could not use a real manager to fix the park’s issues in that Isuzu drives them away with her magical musket, but doesn’t that just mean that Isuzu is the issue? How is shooting people any sort of acceptable business practice outside of shady military subcontractors, private prisons, and Nerf? If she weren’t there and the park was run by an MBA from Harvard, wouldn’t the park be better off? I also do not understand how they expect to fix the park in three months. It is so rundown, it is going to take more than a day’s worth of cleaning and painting to spruce up.

(This scenario does get me thinking as to what anime character would be best suited for fixing the park. I would go with Demon Queen from Maoyu. She has the business smarts, combat skills, and melonpan for the job. What character would be best suited for winning the Holy Grail War? Blank. What character could beat Takumi in a downhill battle? Yukari Tanizaki.)

(Kanie getting everyone to hate him… totally shades of Zero and Blank. Though with the mind reading thing and complete immunity to melonpan puts him more in a Zero role than a Blank role. I can totally imagine Isuzu wearing a bunny outfit and Kanie not noticing… in fact, Kyoto, make this happen. For science.)


Sylphy is still spinning…

(Kyoto’s animation for this show… wow… there are some points in Free! where I thought they skimped a bit, but they have gone all out on Amaburi.)


Fermi estimate?! What is this? Engineering? We call it by a less sexy name: “Hand waving” or “I pulled it out of my ass.” “If I have to hand wave it, the bandwidth is around 14GHz.” They’ve done studies, you know. 60% of the time, it works every time.

(Spending about $850 at an amusement park doesn’t seem that far off. Admission is what? $80 per person? A bottle of water is $8 each? A cheap T-shirt souvenir would be about $25? Some cotton candy at $5 a pop? Parking at $20? The disabled person you hire so you can skip all the lines is $500? It adds up fast.)


Poor Sharkey. So the last time I was in Japan, there were a lot less people handing out tissues, and a lot more toilet paper inside bathrooms. That’s good.


Three MVPs….

1. Sylphy.

2. Kanie.

3. Moffle.

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  1. Damn, but I wish this was streaming on CR or Funimation. This looks interesting… and the princess and Isuzu are… VERY interesting.

  2. There was rather a lot of exposition this episode, but hopefully that means it can get down to business next week. With the cocky attitude and exaggerated arm gestures during his speech, I also got serious Zero vibes from Kanie.
    I like Salama’s almost constant no-shits-given expression. Employee of the month!

  3. MY GOSH! That naming sense…. does it mean Isuzu-chan’s name refers to… 50 CENT???

  4. If I understand the setup, Kanie is basically Gordon Ramsay from Kitchen Nightmares.

  5. I hope to see more of Isuzu in business suit and would love to back a kickstarter for an entire season of Kanye’s Amusement Parks of Hell.

  6. After figuring out about the names to this show, I’ve also enjoyed it a bit more. Also the constant reminders of FMP in it have certainly helped send me down memory lane. “War Cry of Excessiveness”, truly one of the greatest episodes of anime ever. I remember specifically watching it the night before I went off to Navy OCS to help get me hyped. Good times…

    I miss FMP, but 50 cent’s ZR is quite delicious.

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