amagi brilliant park 5

“I feel like I’m in an RPG.”

(Okay, don’t have a lot of time this week, so quick post.)



I liked the weapon choices. *slow clap* There’s like two Excaliburs, a bunch of magical artillery bows, and a billion other swords this season. Molotov cocktails? Only Tiramy. Other weapons I’d like to see this season: ginger grater, Chevy Cobalt, iPad Air, and a hockey stick. The comedy in this series feels very natural, and the episodes move along fast. I’m just disappointed of the lack of Moffle rage and Sento fanservice this episode.



A lot of good jokes this episode. I particularly like this one where Sento falls into the pit, Kanie screams, “SEEEENTO!” Macaron falls into the pit next, and he screams, “SEEEENTO!” again. Brilliant. In terms of comedy RPG-esque dungeon crawls, Shoji Gatoh did write Tower of Druaga. While that series did have some pacing and story issues, the series did some good comedy elements, and it was the only anime series to get this question correct: “What happens when you genderswap all the characters?


So Dornel has been holed up underground as a hikikomori for ten years? And no one noticed? Though I guess with delivery, Amazon, a vault of treasure, and a mole butler army, it’s a pretty cushy life. I did like how he got pudgier as time went on, but I don’t think he is pudgy enough. He should be like 300 pounds by now.

(Also, I’m disappointed Kyoto didn’t try to sneak in a Chitanda poster or an Arbarest model. Both would totally fit in the scene. Gainax would definitely have tossed in an Eva-01, and Shaft would have tossed in a Kyubey pillow. Shaft would also have made this room the size of Boeing’s 787 factory.)


“What’s with her emoticons?”

I like the repetitive joke of Muse texting Isuzu, with Isuzu responding with bite-sized out-of-context messages. I am just impressed that Isuzu can get LTE service down in the dungeon.



Of course, Sylphy steals the joke with her antics. I’m not sure how she manages to get up to speed and not crash in Kanie’s tiny office. I like how Latifah has this palace, yet Isuzu and Kanie are stuck in this warehouse office.


Finally uses his mind reading powers against Smaug. I don’t think that the mind reading trick has added much to the show so far. I also think it would have been funnier if Smaug asked something like, “In episode 6 of Rozen Maiden, what was Shinku trying to eat before being interrupted by Desu?”



I don’t even.


Three MVPs…

1. Tiramy’s and Macaron’s facial expressions.

2. Sylphy.

3. Anime body pillows.

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  1. Sentoooooo!
    I would pay to watch Tiramie and Macaron’s own show. With a serving of Elementario girls’ OVA. Not that I’m complaining about Kanye and Isuzu’s jokes.


  2. Still waiting for more focus on the elemental girls :/

  3. The fact that Kanye is voiced by L-Elf from Valvrave just makes him even more entertaining. Truely the voice this park needed to revive.

  4. Ep 7 is pool pirate episode.. Arrrrrrrrr

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