amagi brilliant park 8

“The girls are all ripe for a good puffing.”


Seductive Sento? Yes, please. I’m not sure I like how Kanie, who is supposed to be this super perceptive whiz kid, is turning into Just Another Male Harem Lead around Sento. Come on, man, you are supposed to be better than this behavior. Maybe for one or two episodes, but it’s three episodes in a row now. YOU ARE THE CHOSEN ONE!


Then again, nightmare fuel. *shudders*


“They are not communicating at all! They are all idiots!”

Said the Fashion Czar. I think that’s the point: they are all idiots. That’s why the park has only 600 visitors per day, and there’s only 24 (!!!) days left on the deadline. Right before we watched this episode, we watched an episode of Ching He Huang’s Restaurant Rescue show, and she goes to this Pakistani/Thai restaurant and wonders what is wrong. The daughter of the mom and daughter team running the place has been running it the past year, and that’s when the business went south. Of course, the daughter has no clue what went wrong. Ching then did a sick burn that was basically, “You went wrong.” Ouch. That’s how I feel about this theme park. No one other than Kanie should be doing anything involving decisions or brain cells. Maybe Syphy since she seems to be a savant.

(You’d think with only 24 days left and not much accomplished in the prior two months that the staff would have more urgency… nope… more important for the number one mascot, Shogun Moffle, go impersonate a high school boy than it is for Moffle to perform at the park. I just hope to see Amagi Brilliant Park added as a case study in Harvard’s Business Review some day. Please, oh pretty please.)


As soon as we found out it was Sento in the Kanie meat suit, I had a feeling it would go to the “flag all the heroines!” route. I did not expect them to pass around the meat suit like stuffing during Thanksgiving dinner. I also thought that Sento went to school, so she missed school so she could pretend Kanie could go to school? Mmm.

(Kanae Tsuchida?! What kind of name is that? How does that translate into Nicki Minaj?)


Again, this guy who is perceptive enough to know that the mascot gang is fucking up his reputation at school has no clue Sento has major hots for him? Come on. I’m totally willing to believe that there’s magical amusement park that’s founded by fairies from another world, but I can’t believe Kanie has no clue about Sento. This Sento x Kanie ship is just about as agonizing of a ship to ride on as the Belldandy x Keichii one. Speaking of which, I still need to read the last few volumes.


Ah, so that’s why he was grabbing his head the whole time.

(Something, something about Shoji Gatoh having suits that always have a drawback. Like the zipper here. Or the broken audio in Fumoffu. Or that one in Druaga.)


Sylphy is the true star of Amagi Brilliant Park. Fortunately, it looks like we are getting an episode dealing with the Elementarios next.


Three MVPs…

1. Queen Latifah. Kind of weird seeing the normally sickly girl comfort the normally not sickly guy.

2. Shiina Chujou. I thought she was going to be throwaway character, but she played a good role in this episode. She also seemed to have magically solved her stuttering problem from the past two episodes. How does “Shiina Chujou” translate into “Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes” again?

3. The Three Mascots. Literally the three stooges at this point ~ron ~mii ~fumo.

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  1. Do you want to buy a Sento figurine?

  2. On Shiina, my thought is that it’s a school vs. work thing – she’s comfortable at school but still nervous at work. Next week seems like it’ll be a Muse episode, but I hope that Earth, Wind, and Fire will play significant roles as well.

  3. Glad to see you caught up. It’s not easy to always have time to watch anime, but I think this show is worth it.

  4. Just how ill do you have to be to think letting the 3 stooges impersonate you is a good idea? Though it was very funny watching his character flip flop around day after day. And bizarrely Sento-being-Seiya did a better job at communication than Sento being herself, and a better job at friendliness than Seiya being himself.

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