dear santa

Dear Santa,

What I want for Christmas…

… is for Code Geass and Cross Ange to share the same world and same time period. Oh please, pretty please.


… is an OVA where Sento and Sylphy visit various hot springs resorts like the Japanese travel show that features various women visiting various hot springs and getting smashed on sake. Bonus points, Santa, if you air this on Cinemax.

… then again, a TV show for Latifah and Mako’s mom to host a reality TV show where people compete on making croquettes is good too. Also if on Cinemax.

… are a new pair of hiking boots for Ginko.

… are Momofuku corn cookies. Oh wait, I have one. Mmm… corn cookie…

… is having Toonami bring back their old 3 minute long anime promos… and also for Jake and Prismo to host a Toonami session. They can talk about pickles.

… is for Attack on Titan to reach a conclusion prior to A Song of Ice and Fire. Somehow, neither endings will satisfy quite like the ending to The Sopranos.


… is have my shoujo manga featuring an all tanuki cast published in a popular shoujo manga magazine.

… plus I also want to make a harem series about haremettes that are all inspired by mobile phones, so there’s an iPhone, a Nexus, an One, etc. The manager of the housing complex would be inspired by a RAZR. Oh! There’s also my show idea that’s a sports anime with the sport being Dota 2. To give it a distinctive anime hook, let’s call it, “I Hope Carry-senpai Notices Me.”

… is for Clannad on iOS so I can play the game while running on a treadmill.

… is for Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax to come to America with an expanded roster featuring Dokuro-chan, Hatsune Miku, Kino, the fighters from Melty Blood, and the cast of Sister Princess. They could be cheering on onii-chama.

… can I have Blank join the cast of SAO or vice-versa? That’ll be as cool as a Sega Saturn.


… an another season (or movie) for Hyouka. Will this happen before or after Kyoto does Intrigues of Haruhi Suzumiya?

… is for a year long pause on anime/manga about people trapped in a video game. Also, let’s take a pause on schools about magic, shoujo series where the male lead is a dickwad, Shaft re-using art assets from Monogatari, and any series with a name that is a sentence. Also a twenty year ban on remaking Great Teacher Onizuka.

… are some helper elves to write Best of 2014 for me.

… is for a kotetsu table costume for my puppy. Or some 3D maneuver gear for her.

… is for Gilgamesh to join the cast of Drops of God. Also for more Drops of God released in the US. Then a Drops of God anime series. Then a Drops of God wine. If I had a winery, it would neither be named “Drops of God” or “Ba-ba-ba-baka!”

… have I mentioned line con yet? For AX to be less line con. Maybe do a fast pass system like Disney Land or something.


… is KILL la KILL released for laser disc. The laser disc will rise again! Laser disc will be to anime what vinyl is to audio. Let’s all be anime hipsters together.

… is maybe for more people to watch Barakamon. Especially people who think anime is all Sailor Moon and Akira. And, oh, wipe Sailor Moon Crystal from the planet. Whatever happens, don’t do a Card Captor Sakura Crystal Remake. It may push the Fashion Czar into turning into the villain in a future season of True Detective.

… are for don-don-don-donuts!

… is for all the anime fanboys around the world to unite and get over our differences. Who cares if you are Team Kirino, Team Ayase, or Team Kuroneko? Team Kaori owns all of you.

Happy holidays!

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  1. What is the name of that hot spring travel show? You have been mentioning it for quite some time that I got curious.

  2. Happy Japanese Third Valentines Day!

  3. I’d like another season of “Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita”. But that Syphy/Sento Onsen OAV you describe would make a wonderful stocking stuffer.

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