the chivalry of a failed asterisk

I can’t be the only one who sees some similarities between Chivalry of a Failed Knight and The Asterisk War.


Both shows start the same way. Both have the main male protagonist walking across the campus of a magical high school to visit a dorm. Then we cut to the generic anime pop opening for both shows. Right after the opening? The first thing you see are the melonpan of the female lead because the male lead stumbled into her changing. Yep, what are the fucking odds. Cue camera pan to show the female lead wearing sexy lingerie while the male lead is blushing and trying to avert his eyes in the least averting way possible.

Julis-Alexia van Riessfeld is a princess with long, pink hair. Stella Vermillion is a princess with long, red hair. Both, shockingly, command fire as their element of choice. Oharuhi-sama forbid we have a female protagonist who conducts electricity or something. It’s like the authors of these light novels grew up on Shakugan no Shana or something. This is why Shirayuki in Snow White with the Red Hair cut her long red hair. She doesn’t want to be associated with these girls.


What happens next is completely, 100% unexpected. Because the girls were peeped on, they feel a bit violated and challenge the sad sack male protagonist to a duel. Get this part also: the princesses are the head of the class. Whatever convoluted ranking system the school uses, they are at the top. They are also nobility. The guy, of course, is the weakest of the weak. The twist is that the male isn’t actually that weak but just a product of whatever idiotic ranking system they use. They are also commoners. Do you sense a trend? Of course, during the duel, the male protagonist displays his true power, which is some latent power that counters other powers. Fantastic. It’s totally not like Yuji’s ability in Shana or Touma’s ability in Index.

They way both male protagonists defeat the female protagonist? They ram their Japanese katanas through a fireball. They come out unscratched while managing to put a little love tap on either Julis-Alexia or Stella. We all know anime can be trope-tastic, but it’s fairly unprecedented for two shows in the same season to use the same storyboards. I know some seasons may have a lot of moe blob shows or magic high school shows, but two shows that are this similar? Both shows also have silly English names. Asterisk War doesn’t inspire me. It just tells me that you couldn’t come up with a title, stared at your phone, and realized you couldn’t spell “The Octothorpe War” properly. And what does chivalry have to do with a failed knight? Why can’t we just name the show, “Sexy Girl with Red Hair in Lingerie”?


After breakneck scenes of fanservice and a duel, because they need these scenes to hook the viewer, who only cares about highschool girls in lingerie getting beat up, we are given exposition. Instead of letting the story build naturally over a few episodes, we have a sexy school administrator or student council president or both fill us in on what the fuck is going on. The school is part of a league of schools that send their students to battle each other with magic and swords because somehow basketball, soccer, volleyball, Gunpla Battle, and Dota 2 were not invented in this alternate universe. The only way the schools can measure their e-penises against each other and get donations from their alumni is to send their students out on these battles. These schools make the NCAA look like saints.

There’s other similarities too, like the school being way too spacious and impractical, the other students don’t have anything better to do than watch the duel, and the something slightly weird that happens during the duel that no one mentions yet probably factors into a villain or a competing haremette in the future. All of this is totally original and not found in Gunslinger Stratos, Sky Wizard Academy, Dragonar Academy, Mahouka, Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance, or Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai.


Also completely original: the princess gearing up for her duel by pulling up stockings.

(Best stocking scene? Toradora‘s first OP with Taiga. I would link it, but YouTube seemed to have taken all of them down. Sad day.)

(Both princesses wear black dresses with vertical piping and white sleeves. Totally not a coincidence. At least they wear different colored lingerie, which is the important thing here.)


Of course, in a totally unexpected twist that no one in the magic high school genre has done, the male lead and female lead pony up. They both also need to learn to fight together to win, and only through winning can they save the puppies feed the starving orphans balance StarCraft discover their love for each other sell more BDs than Gangsta.

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  1. You’re producing a magic high school anime? Please ensure all these major check boxes are covered or your show may not be approved for airing.

  2. Many people have definitely seen this simila- exact same progression. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I’m mostly curious if these studios knew about the others’ project before airing, but now we can make bets on which one creates a better story by the end.

  3. It’s a rare moment in anime history where there are two directly competing shows. So far I’m leaning towards Asterisk, but I’m watching both to the end to see who “wins” just for the lulz. I’m gonna bet my left nut that nothing comes straight out of left field in either of these two shows, but stranger things have happened.

  4. “better story”

    What. Both have already failed so badly they are equal.

  5. I like Chivarly of a Failed Knight better, but I can’t help but feel like it’s because I started watching it first. So everytime I go to watch Asterisk War all I can do is thin god how it’s a rip off even though the two shows are progressing equally.

  6. “you’re not going to say she’s your sister, but you’re but not related?” “what? no.” shots fired at sword art online.

  7. Honestly, Chivalry of a Failed knight was MUCH more thrilling to watch. The cliche’s are annoying as fuck in both shows, but Chivalry at least seemed to try to wiggle it around a bit to seem better.
    Example 1: Cliche scene where boi meets grill changing
    Asterisk: *Looks away peepishly like the same fucktard we see every show*
    Chivalry: *Proceeds to remove shirt because he secretly hopes to fuck the shit out of her (Non-cannon motive)

    Example 2: Grill falls in love with boi
    Asterisk: *nothing*
    Chivalry: *Portrays rather realistic sexual desire conflicting with morality and desire to have a pure love*
    That’s my take on it, obviously the overwhelming use of cliches like this is to be frowned upon, but I applaud Chivalry of a Failed Knight for at least hand-cooking a generic recipe instead of just ordering Fast Food like Asterisks and other shows do.

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