shoujo Q


Big thanks to dj2nd for translating the song:

Shoujo Q Lyrics

party dress wa arukedo kouen de wa uite ita

I have a party dress but it was not suitable at the park

hatsuon wa tadashiku iu no ‘karatto’ wa ‘kyaratto’

I use correct pronunciations, ‘carat’ is not ‘karatto’ but ‘kyaratto’

watashi wa koko ni iru (kagami ni utsutteru)

I’m here (I’m reflected in the mirror)

sukoshi dake keshou shita (idol no shoujo Q)

I make up my face a little (I’m an idol shoujo Q)

shoujo Q

shoujo Q

nazomeku otome ni minna (Ai YA Ai YA,YA,YA,YA,YA)

everyone turns his sensational eyes

shigeki na shisen de kageki (Ai YA Ai YA,YA,YA,YA,YA)

on mysterious young girl it’s extreme

dareka watashi wo nakasete yo (nakasete watashi wo nakasete)

make me cry anyone (make me cry anyone)

dareka watashi wo nakasete yo (nakasete sotto nakasete)

make me cry anyone (make me cry softly)

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  1. AGH! Severed torsos! This is worse than Hellsing!!


    What do you use to play a .rar?

  2. .rar is a compression format. You can de-compress with 7-zip or WinRAR.

  3. This OP will be on top of my Winter’s favourite of my huge listening list.

    (Aya Aya ya yayayaya)

    What’s up? Why can’t I get this melody outta my head? :D

  4. ^_^ I know someone who wants to sing this.. you wouldn’t happen to know where to get the full lyrics?

  5. if you still haven’t remember, i think it’s Yoh Asakura from Shaman King

  6. Hello, my name is Alex, i’m a newbie here. I really do like your resource and really interested in things you discuss here, also would like to enter your community, hope it is possible:-) Cya around, best regards, Alex!

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