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Well, it’s time for some greed. Here’s some l3wt that I want:

World peace – It sucks having to choose between (1) invade Iraq now and have thousands of soldiers die or (2) wait 10 years and watch millions die as Iraq launches a nuke. Why can’t there be a (3) settle everything with a Tekken Tag tournament?

A link to sba on Fujishima-san’s page – Assuming he doesn’t sue me first… ^^;;

Rose Bowl… Michigan… – It’s been so long (1997)! *breaks down and cries*

Director’s chair for Episode 3 – I’d save the prequels. Jar-Jar? Eaten. Anakin? Bitch slapped. Count Dooku? Hawking his own brand of cereal: Count Dookula.

Private concert by The Nylons – They don’t tour a lot, and whenever they do, I always miss out by a few days due to my schedule. It’ll be nice to hear my favorite a capella group live.

Become CEO of Kodansha – 2003 projects will include new season of Mini-G featuring chibi-Peorth and chibi-Rind, a DDR game featuring Belldandy, and a new OMG! movie. Remake of Love Hina Again with less lame manga adaptation also on tap.

Transfer to Toudai, move into Hinata Sou – Does heaven on Earth exist? Yes, it does.

One wishZutto soba ni… errrr… maybe not…

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