new wallpaper, sister princess

– “Onii-sama”
– L33t shopping skillz
– Voiced by Naru
– Flirts shamelessly
– “Ani-kun”
– Mad tarot reader
– Voiced by Mahoro
– Flirts shamelessly

It’s been a long time (since 2002 at the very least) that I made a wallpaper. So I had a hard time deciding between Sakuya or Chikage. It was a difficult decision, and I didn’t wimp out and put them both on it… 1600×1200 version, 1024×768 version.

3 Responses to “new wallpaper, sister princess”

  1. Poor, poor, Sakuya-chan… *sniff* *sniff*

    I can see her crying in the corner, forever distraught because of your rejection.

    Onii-sama hidoi!

    You get the bad ending…

  2. I don’t really like your page.B’cause it don’t have much pic in here and don’t even have introduce the character!!!

  3. i think melody of oblevion is pretty interesting but in the end it was kind of confusing but it was o.k i guess. Spiral is interesting too but i think is kind of boring in some of the episodes but i think they should do a second seasson because in the series they didn’t say anythink of where narumis brother is and what happen to him but i think the characters where pretty cute!!!! In Fruit Basket all the characters were cute specally Yuki and Kouy, i never could understand what the plot was about but it was pretty good and some episodes were kind of boring if u know what i mean.and full metal alchemist is good and interesting and ed is kind of CUTE!!!