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Funny how right after I post something about relationships I post something like this. However, I return to my 2003 blog style and say that if j00 didn’t like the end to Mahoromatic, this is the post for j00. (Yes, I’m perfectly aware that guys who obcess over meido are also ticking time bombs.) In Mahoro Summer Special, GAINAX does something right and presents a better way to leave the series besides “The Cowboy Bebop Ending”.

Surprisingly, Mahoro Summer Special is not a recap like previous specials, but a new story that takes place (or, hopefully, in place of) the dreadful ending. The narrator straightforwardedly points out in the show summary that Mahoro is perfect in every way, except that her torpedo is her absolute hatred of pr0n. Being a killer android is okay, but not liking pr0n? That kills the relationship right there. The ep does a nice job of showcasing the arms (pr0n) race as Suguru tries to protect his “precious” while Mahoro seeks to burn his collection. The episode also shows why Suguru is into pr0n and also why Mahoro is against it– funny how it’s the same reason, just two different sides of the coin.

Tie in lotsa fanservice, humor, and a real ending– Mahoro bows out, literally– meido fans should definitely watch this. Just it may not be a good idea to watch it with your woman.

Pink looks good on her.
Ecchi is wrong!
No more. I’m sad.

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  1. This meido fanboy is not a ticking time bomb. My bomb exploded a long time ago – in an atomic fashion – when I saw Jiiya.


    Oh sw33t, sw33t Jiiya!

    With that purple hair. With those gold eyes.

    The way you say Niiya-sama…


  2. I am Spartacus!!