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I picked up Negima 1 today… Negima is Love Hina meets Harry Potter, which was pretty much what I expected. What I didn’t expect was the quality product from Del Ray– they did shrinkwrap and slap an ugly (and difficult to remove) sticker on it, but the translation is very good. They also retained all the bonus omake. Why can a new company do such a good job on their first product while Tokyopop continues sucking is beyond me.

ISBN 0-345-47046-X (No witty caption today… too hot outside…)

Yes, I’m still bothered by the fact that Negima is 10 years old, and the class is mostly slightly older than him, but the manga is 16+.

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  1. Maybe it’s because he’s too hot for pre-teens. Or it has the same zany Love Hina kookiness that most kids under 16 wouldn’t understand.

    Explaining a possible answer,

  2. It’s rated 16 for the obvious reason of excessive fan service. Which gets to be LH levels by the thrid volume. The shrink wrapping though I find it excessive is justifible because the company’s playing it ‘safe’ for the publics opinion. “Hey this has nasty stuff in it!” “Well we did wrap it up and label it! It’s your own fault for being to stupid to read the damned label.”

    And the students are 13-15 years in age.

  3. KoNnIcHiWa!

  4. Gah! *Raging* As we all know, the sticker’s evil, so I left it alone.

    When I first saw the manga (Negima! Magister Negi Magi) I ignored it, honestly because it was IN the plastic cover (come on, really, who wants to buy something you can’t read). It took a while for me to realize that Mr. Akamatsu made it. I had no idea what it was about but hey, if Mr. Akamatsu made it, it has to rock (Nuff said, I bought it). I just wished the cover didn’t clash so much (AH! THE COLOURS!!) Note that, the plastic cover may lower to amount of mangas bought BUT Mr. Akamatsu’s reputation and the sticker with the +16 sign may counter that.

    I loved it. Come on, it’s cute when you have a plot like this. So surreal. A kid from Wales, who’s a prodigy/magician/nine-years old, that gets sent to Japan to teach English at an all girl’s middle school. Jeez, Negi sure acts mature for his age. I thought he would be more innocent like but still I liked the situations he got put it ^__^. I wasn’t really fond of the ending (the dodgeball game) but whatever, the rest was sweet (It’s reeeeealy good.) I can’t wait until they get more in detail with the other girls (all 31 *sigh* Mr. Akamatsu, you’re insane.) He leaves it open in the first book for the many different types of personalities of the girls and their relationships with Negi which is what leaves me hanging (especially with Asuna (Cool personality. Scary though.) and Nodoka (Cute.Very.) That and how his career continues as all their teachers. I liked the extras in the back. Makes me feel illiterate trying to read Japanese but in a good way.

    I can’t wait until volume two is released. I hope it has more of Yue. She’s my fav. ^-^

  5. I got up to volume 5 and it is a good book. Volume 4 is the most interesting book though. Negima is great! SO GO OUT AND BUY IT OR ELSE I’LL MURDER YOU

  6. just got it today, and i say it is one of the best mangas next to love hina. (both made by ken akamatsu). say any thing diffient you shall die a poor poor death or you just might get visit from the angle of death hehe :p (wont that make your day grand) But it is one of the bast and you have to agree with that.

  7. Negima is soooo goood I just want to have it all! The only thing that I hate about it is because of that stupid shrinkwrap paper and that hard to remove sticker.Love Hina is 16+ and Negima is 16+ so why is Negima shrinkwrap.Some book are 18+ and people can still buy it. I try to buy Negima #1 but then the lady won’t sale it to me the second time I ask me friend to buy it for me that lady won’t let her so the third time I talk with this guy and he let me buy it cause I have to talk to him alot in letting me get it.
    P.S my friend is 15 1/2 and i’m 15 already

  8. I think its unfair when they say its 16+. I’m like 12, and im not like traumatized or ne thing. ive read all of Love Hina and I haveNegima no. 1 but i have to wait until Feb. 20th to start reading it. (im going on Vacation then) But it looks extreamly good, and im taking it that its god so …. GOOD!

  9. Hey I’ve managed to read Negima upto vol. 3 and I am desperately
    needing to see what’s gonna happen next. It looked as though Konoka and
    Negi are on a date, ofcourse I know they aren’t. I Love Negi and
    I Love You KEN!!