top ten summer drinks

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It’s almost summer time… it’s damn hot out there… and a nice cool drink makes my day. Conditions: one per store/establishment; h20 excluded.

Top Ten Summer Drinks

10. Diet Pepsi Twist

9. Milkshake In&Out (Johnny Rocket’s is better, but they’re as bad as Denny’s when it comes to service)

8. Arnold Palmer (Lemonade + iced tea for the non-golfing masses)

7. Mocha Smoothie Costco (Not all Costcos have this)

6. Mountain Dew Code Red

5. Martenelli Sparkling Apple Cider

4. Java Chip Frap Starbucks

3. Milk Coffee Tapioca Express

2. Green Bean Smoothie Verde Tea Shop (Good also at Fantasia)

1. Berry Lime Sublime Jamba Juice (1,000 calories…)

Yes, I like my drinks a bit bitter or sour.

2 Responses to “top ten summer drinks”

  1. What?! No Jolt Cola? It has twice the caffine. More of the good stuff to keep Narg wired and alter on the late night gaming spree.

  2. You forgot Lemonade! and Lemon-flavored Iced Tea! No, Arnold Palmer’s doesn’t cover these drinks, because that’s a seperate drink altogether. Not to mention you forgot snowcones! HOW COULD YOU FORGET SUCH BASIC ESSENTIALS?!?! No cookie for you, jason.

    Slightly disgruntled,