open source fanservice

While I think it’s just another reason to draw h4wt anime chix0rs, I have to admire the fan base in both Japan and in the US of Windoujin (Troubled Windows, OS-Tan). I originally saw some comics on 2ch, a very popular Japanese BBS, then I quickly saw them on English language forums– translated. Then the translated versions popped back up on 2ch, with corrections. Gotta love how people pull together, open source-style, to bring fanservice about a very not open source OS. (If you’re wondering, Linux is usually portrayed as either the standard penguin or a very yuri girl… since her heart is open to everyone…)

I put up a small collection of English-translated 4 koma-style comics on the following pages of this post. These were translated by a variety of people (mostly on 2ch, 4ch, and moe), and not by me.

For more information about Windoujin:

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  2. It’s the meido factor I say! THE MEIDO!!!