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I saw in the recent Newtype USA that Teizokurei Daydream is getting an OAV series. In terms of stuff from left field being turned into anime, this would rank highly. The original manga is about a typical teenaged girl named Misaki who can see dead people. I use “typical” loosely as she is actually an employee of an s&m shop, controls a living whip, and has a stalker. Her side job is working for her father as some sort of spirit detective solving oddball crimes. Generally, all of these crimes involve extremely grisly murder, rape, and suffering that would make stuff seen on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit seem like Teletubbies. To give a sense of the darkness of the series, a filler and comedic chapter was about how someone died under Misaki’s… uh… care during her s&m job. The manga is well-written as it hasn’t become a “killer of the week” type, and the characters grow and evolve. For example, Misaki’s stalker turns out to be a coward then a nuisance then a victim then a helper.

Misaki herself has a weird set of morals as she works in an s&m shop but is a virgin who refuses to cross-the-line. She doesn’t like doing spirit detective work, goes along in the guise of needing it for money, but really goes out of her way inhelping the victims. The interesting characters, suspenseful story, and tons of fanservice makes the manga a good read. Now I only hope the anime doesn’t suffer like Tenjou Tenge and Chrno Crusade.

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