midori no hibi chapter 85

Well, looks like Midori no Hibi‘s manga wraps up with 85 as its last chapter. It ends the same way as the anime (link has spoilers), but a bit more aburptly.

Next page for a spoiler-rific scan.


(Midori is saying suki desu, and if you watch any anime at all, you know this means “I love you.”)

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  1. ahhhhh!!! total spolier

  2. that was such a sweet ending, i have every issue of it and I loved it. awwwwwwwwwwwww.

  3. Uhh… I watch a lot of anime and I didn’t know that. I thought “aishiteru” meant “I love you”.

  4. well nice going, spellin abruptly wrong & all but uh… I was to understand that “In the manga however, Seiji admits that he likes Midori, besides looking at all the girls. And the manga ends with them becoming a couple, with Seiji buying a new diary for Midori.”.

    This is not the last page of ch. 85 is it?

  5. well, its a nice ending actually..all i want to say is, i really love this story,keep in touch!!

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