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Ninjas in Bikinis

What can be better than ninja chix0rs? Purin purin ninja chix0rs? How about lesbian purin purin ninja chix0rs? That’s pretty much the premise behind the nonsensically-title, yet highly enjoyable 2×2=SHINOBUDEN. Just don’t go watching this show expecting Ghibli-ish touching scenes or Gonzo-like mind-numbing action. 2×2 follows the exploits of ninja-in-training Shinobu (voiced by Aria… mo!), her normal high school friend Kaede (voiced by Mahoro!), and their Ilbarazzo-like master, Onsokumaru, who is a ball with a smiley face drawn on it.

2×2 is a gag series like Galaxy Angels and Sensei no Ojikan divided up into fifteen minute chapters. The pacing and comedy of the show will seem very familiar to fans of Excel Saga, but the gags aren’t as far-fetched as Excel’s. There’s no real plot other than Shinobu’s overriding desire to become a ninja and Onsokumaru’s desire to peep on the girls. Shinobu is extremely gullible and naive and thinks that Onsokumaru is both her pet hawk and her master, and she seems to prefer the company of other women, if you get my drift. Her awkwardness towards Kaede reminds me of Kaoru and Aoi-chan for some odd reason. Kaede was a normal girl concerned with exams until she meets Shinobu… now she seems like the pillar of sanity in the show. There’s also a small supporting cast consisting of Shinobu’s little sister who is a little jealous of Kaede’s status in her older sister’s life and a never-ending stream of masked ninjas collectively known as “Sasuke” who seem better suited to shoujo romance than ninja action. Naruto this ain’t.

This show is not for everyone. It’s not the prettiest thing out there, there’s sparse action, and they enjoy making fun of the neko mini meido genre as well as the “I suddenly have a cute little sister” genre. Definitely not for the anime newbie. But for some chix0r on chix0r action and hardy ninja comedy, 2×2 tosses a dead-eye shuriken.

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  1. Yay I am the first.
    Ha ha echi+ninja …. muah ha ha ha.
    Onsokumaru rules, especially when he sounds like the narrator for old ninja flims.
    I felt the OP was good too.
    Now to rewatch a few episodes 4 years down the road.

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