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I was wrong. Girls Bravo has turned out to be quite watchable– even though it’s not the most original show, it is certainly good harem comedy fun. The plot moves along swimmingly, and the show never takes itself too seriously, which is almost a must for this type of show. Even though all the characters are stereotypical– Yukinari is a Taro clone while Miharu, Risa, Kirie, and Koyomi seemed to have been plucked out from generic bishoujo game chix0r generator– they interact well. The chaos from each episode keeps me watching– whether it’s Miharu’s indulgence in all food products, Risa’s brother’s pedophilistic qualities, or Kirie’s imitation of Naru, the show never seems to have a dull moment. The pieces fit nicely… and it helps that the character design is of high-aesthetic-appeal.

So as penance, I present the high-aesthetic-appeal Miharu, in all of her various “costumes” as of episode 10… I’m sure there’s one for everyone’s particular propensities…

Is nakkidness a costume?
Swimsuit <3

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  1. I think you nailed what makes the show work for me. The sheer chaos of it. There were a few episodes where it just felt like every five minutes they just went off in a completely different direction that made things even more absurd. it was quite fun. :)

  2. YES!!! They got the medio fuku in there. The circle is now complete…

    Narg – and millions like him – are satisfied.

  3. Yep.. this show doesnt do much in terms of story line i believe but if your looking for something fun with a little bit of pervertedness (i had the uncut version) then this might be for you.

    For those of you who hate those scenes where they show the whole body without the right parts then pick this one up atleast you’ll see nipples…. A lot of it. At least once an episode!

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