kannatzuki no miko 1

Ayako Kawasumi with meido

From the new series, Kannatzuki no Miko… judging from just the first episode, it seems to be a raunchier Maria-sama crossed with Gundam. There’s also Ayako Kawasumi playing the, uh, onee-sama role. Must be a milestone… symmetrical docking, meido, and a giant robot battle in the first episode. Hope it doesn’t go downhill like GravionGodannar… cripes, fanservice and robots don’t go together very well, do they?

Notice how I don’t have pictures of the robot

More information: official site.

2 Responses to “kannatzuki no miko 1”

  1. I finally saw the first ep tonight. I didn’t care for the mecha aspect, but who cares? KAWAII SHOUJO YURI FANSERIVE MIKO-STYLE 0NZ M4H!

  2. At first I thought it was a parody on Maria-sama. Then I thought it was just a cover for a Gundam series. Now I’m confused but intrigued. Is this normal? :(

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