tada ima tanjou aru!

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One of my manga characters has to be Genshiken‘s Ohno… I like her clueless expressions. Very simplistic and innocent, yet very effective. Then there’s how she always seemed to get dragged around (and drags around) Saki, and they have an interesting dynamic together. Of course, a big reason is that she’s great cosplay bait. Her first costume was of everyone’s favorite chicken-sounding Chinese cook from Guilty Gear.

Yappari seiashi no hou ga ii?

So of course I was happy that the scene made it into the anime, and she keeps the Jam costume on for much longer too.


But… one thing that I didn’t get is that they don’t talk about Guilty Gear in Genshiken manga. Instead, they allude to very blatant parodies of Street Fighter and King of Fighters games instead. Even one of the characters from Kujibiki Unbalance, the anime that the Genshiken gang follows (which is currently its own show), has a character in a recent Capcom fighter… yet they have a Guilty Gear Isuka tourney in Genshiken anime.

Spoiler: Kousaka’s Sol dusts Jam

Definitely a pleasent surprise. This has got to be the first time where I have seen actual video game footage used as part of an anime storyline. I was like, “Wow, that’s a pretty good Sol gunflame combo.” And the characters in the anime agreed with me. It felt like some weird fanboy dream… only there wasn’t a Dizzy getting her tail pulled.

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  1. i totally agree, this show is soo durn cool