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I was surprised that the DVD version for Elfen Lied was widescreen. Why air pan & scan when they had such a lovely widescreen version available?

From the 00:05.24 mark in episode 1:

Aired TV Version
Widescreen DVD Version

You can easily tell from this comparison that the scenes are composed a lot more logically in the widescreen version. The door frames the shot… and one of the soldier isn’t half off the screen.

From the 00:06.36 mark in episode 2:

Aired TV Version
Widescreen DVD Version

I wondered a bit when I first watched the series why there were so many close ups of the characters. The answer? They weren’t really close-ups at all! Just cropped. This, my friends, is why pan & scan is evil.

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  1. Hey I’ve been watching the T.V. series and am really hooked on this anime. Looking at the caps from the widescreen version just makes me want to buy the dvds. Are they out yet?

  2. I from china .But i like the toybox verymuch . if you want to make friends with me .please tell me

  3. Genuine widesreen production? Amazing! Looking forward to seeing it on my giant widescreen tv.
    I just hope they come out with a season two since the last episode really leaves you begging for one!

  4. the DVD has much more than this panscreen, a few scenes were “misted” like Girls Bravo, tho in a very subtle manner and this has been removed in the dvd

  5. damn i think i realy need to buy that dvd!! i just watched all 13 episodes in 5 days, loved it!! must say that i cried a bit at the end… hope it comes a season two series. if anyone wonders, i,m a 15 year old boy from norway , that`s why my spelling is so bad :S

  6. The anime is without a doubt the “Best” anime I’ve ever seen so far. The quality work of Elfen Lied is top notch compared to Naruto or bleach which seriously sucks like hell. Hope there is a season 2 though since the final episode in season 1 render you in tears. By the way, I am from Malaysia….so my English is not all that good.

    P/S I hope that Lucy and Kouta will marry in the final episode of season 2.><

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