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In a month… barring unforeseen delays… remember the original series was delayed since they originally planned to air the hijaacking arc right after 9/11… and Fumoffu got delayed due to a major kidnapping incident before it was supposed to air, and yes original episode one of Fumoffu involved Chidori getting kidnapped… Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid starts airing in July, and I couldn’t be happier that this huge run-on sentence is ending. Seriously, I’m pumped for the new series as well.

First off, the new season builds on the momentum of Fumoffu, which is one of the greatest comedy series this side of Osaka and Yukari-sensei. Of course, this is centered around great boke and tsukommi (idiot and smartipants) combo of Sagara and Chidori.

And there’s eventually a love story there.

FMP! also features one of the better hero/villian pairings. Sagara/Gauln go together as well as Spike/Vicious and Kenshin/Shishio. I think its cute Gauln even has a pet name for Sagara. Imagine if Shishio kept calling Kenshin, “Kyoto-kun”…

And, uh, did I mention evil twins?

Second Raid is supposed to follow the Day by Day novel as far as the story goes, and if you really want to spoil yourself, boku-tachi has translated the novel.

Sara and Soujya?

Of course, I’m secretly hoping for a Bonta-kun or crazy police chick cameo. Hopefully, Sagara, Chidori, and Tessa can live up to the hype… since technically I started hyping TSR last year.

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