This post inducts seven new songs into the pantheon of excellent anime music joining previous entries such as Belldandy’s Cake Song and Promises Not Necessary. As usual, to join the pantheon, the song must be a catchy song, feature some sort of memorable animation (so I won’t skip it everytime… so fanservice helps…), and the two must gell together well.

~kawaii nante sonna koto~

New Inductees

  • … And Forever, Big O (??)… okay, the ending animation is horrible, but close your eyes and enjoy this nostalgic song. Definitely fit the retro style of the series, and it does invoke images of a world lost in time. Reminds me of A Whole New World for some weird reason.
  • Cloud 9, Wolf’s Rain (Maaya Sakamoto)… kicking myself for forgetting this song the first time. Maaya Sakamoto’s voice with these lyrics are beyond smooth. Best. Insert. Non-cake. Song. Ever. Makes me want to start tackling those Wolf’s Rain DVDs again.
  • Green Bird, Cowboy Bebop (??)… ok I forgot this one too. *sigh* Best. Spike. Versus. Vicious. Song. Ever.
  • Houki Boshi, Bleach (Youhna)… besides having different animation to go along with each team, the song actually fit the series. Good tempo and beat… I find myself listening to this on California 237 a lot.
  • Ichigo Complete, Ichigo Mashimaro (Mashimaro Cast)… can’t… get… song… out… of… head.
  • Neko Mimi Mode, Tsukuyomi Moon Phase (Dmitri from Paris)… devilishly cute OP. French techno with ramen, cat ears, and tennis balls. Brillient. Lots of style points and bonus points for the Tsukuyomi Mode version and the Hazuki-less version for the episodes where Luna takes over. Song itself prompted me to pick up Dmitri’s Love Love Mode CD on which it was based.
  • Tenohira no Hikari, Melody of Oblivion (Minawo)… great song that fit the mood of the series perfectly. Starts softly with just the vocals and a guitar but adds in the drums right at the end of the first verse nicely. I also like the worble on “doushite” about halfway through.

3 Responses to “full-full-moon!”

  1. What anime is that image from? It’s cute.

  2. I believe it is from Ichigo Mashimaro.

    And I have to agree on Neko Mimi Mode. (Love Love Mode is great too). We need more techno producers doing anime themes. Ken Ishii would rock.

  3. Argh, Ichigo Complete is also stuck in my head!
    “Suteki! Kiseki! Kanpeki!”

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