the second raid 13 (last episode)

In the end…

Sagara settles things the way he does best: ass-kicking mecha-on-mecha combat.

Chidori settles things the way she does best: kicking Sagara’s ass.


Tessa? Tessa settles things the way she does best: shaking her ass.


One thing that always stood out for me from the Day by Day novels is that it’s one of the few times that Sagara becomes the absolute victor in mecha combat– flawless victory, if you will. TSR doesn’t stray far as Sagara easily overcomes 5-to-1 odds with Chidori cheering him on. Though as tough and independent (she did fend off one twin) as she may be, Chidori still can’t bring herself to admit her feelings for Sagara, which almost seems like a personality paradox. Tessa, on the other hand, isn’t out of the running completely… I wonder if Sagara can say to Chidori what he said to Tessa at the end.


Kyoto Animation has done a fantastic job with the series as animation and sound quality remained high for the entire series, and they didn’t screw around with the overall story much. The introduction of incestuous twins and an even crazier Gates only propels the series to greater heights. Great execution. Great story. Great ending. Yes, I’m disappointed that the series doesn’t continue and cover more novels, but I get the feeling more will come.

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  1. i hope kyoto does a 4th season to FMP soon… i fuckin luved this show, plus several more light novels have been written/published since the end of this series… kyoto has a lot to work with if they so choose…

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