one piece pulled from fox

So they raped the show and wondered why the ratings were pitiful. Now, it’s finally over. One Piece is gone from Fox. Of course, four years ago, they did the same thing with another show, Escaflowne… and then a few years later with Card Captor Sakura… and I’m pretty sure Fox, WB, and 4kids still haven’t learned their lesson yet. Heavy editing kills shows. It’s one thing to censor a swear word to make the show FCC-complaint; it’s another thing to skip episodes, change plots, and remove the OP/ED for some horrible, awful American-style intro. I really do feel bad for the general American public as One Piece isn’t getting an uncut DVD like Escaflowne and CCS.

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  1. Well, hopefully this is just limited to the FoxKids TV, and not in AdultSwim.

  2. hate to tell you but CNs is the same as FOxs mabye not the frist acouple of “water gun” eps but for the most part its the same……

  3. I hate to tell *you* this, but most differences are by degrees.

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