saishuuheiki natsumi 38

Keroro decides to help Sumomo with her show, and they decide on Giroro as their target. They trick Giroro into thinking that a mecha which Sumomo is piloting is Natsumi, and Fake Natsumi tries her darnedest to seduce Giroro, which is hilarious on two levels: one, since this is a kid’s show, Fake Natsumi always wears at least a swimsuit, even when doing “nakkid” apron; second, Giroro tries very, very hard to ward of Fake Natsumi… which begs the question, “Why?” Fake Natsumi eventually turns on Giroro and tries to kill him, and the image of a towel ‘n swimsuit-wearing Natsumi toting dual uzis is fantastic. Eventually, the real Natsumi sees her counterpart jumping around town and starts blaming the mess (rightfully) on Keroro. Real Natsumi then defeats Fake Natsumi with help from Kururu’s new invention, the Powered Natsumi suit. It’s always good to see Powered Natsumi.


The second half of the episode deals with the consequences of the Powered Natsumi suit as Natsumi cannot fully remove it, and it activates whenever someone says the password. The suit was originally intended to make Natsumi into the Keroro platoon’s ultimate weapon, but it backfires as Keroro accidentially activates Natsumi’s berserker mode (think SEED mode), and she destroys everything in her path until someone says the deactivation password.

Natsumi seduction techiques, homages to Saikano and Gundam, and the one sweet potato to rule them all? Genius episode. Keroro Gunso continues to show why you don’t need ninjas, pirates, vampires, giant oversized novelty swords, or a continuously running plot to have an entertaining anime series that can appeal to all ages. It just takes likable characters and good old fashioned storytelling.

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  1. OoOoOo… looks good. BTW, which episode is this? I sadly haven’t kept up with Keroro Gunso, so by the looks of things I’m royally missing out :(

  2. 38… ^^; I don’t watch in any sort of order.

  3. LOL ah… thanks jason!

  4. oh i love keroro!! gunso-san!! really i wacth all episode of this anime beacus of giroror..!! he loves natsumi.. i’d knew it.

  5. if they were to write this story in terms of manga, THERE WOULD BE NO SWIMSUIT. banzai fanservice!

  6. qe le follen a to er puto mumdo y qe le follen a er giroro bueno a er giroro me lo follo llo bueno me mola mazo qe os den a todos por el puto culo mierdosos qe a la serie le farta porno y erotismo joder me cago en tos bosotros simberguenzas de mierda chupa pollas por qe coño er giroro tiene qe follar con natsumi ombre qe tengo qe estar yo en su lugar joe.

  7. qe os den por detras maricone jajajjajajajajajjajajaja

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