best of 2005: popourri

Some quick hits before tomorrow’s finale…

Best English of 2005

Winner: Raging Heart Excellion, Nanoha A’s

Sad that a staff can pronouce English better than the “Americans” on Eyeshield, Ginban, and Blood+.

Best Corporate Shill of 2005

Winner: Cloud Strife, Advent Children


Has Squaresoft told a decent story since Sony invested a huge stake in them? What happened to the FF6 Squaresoft? Poor Cloud… he has to save the company financially now by hawking cell phones. He’s become the Hulk Hogan of videogames.

Best Twins of 2005

Winner: Yu Lan and Yu Fan, Full Metal Panic TSR


They coined the word, “twincest,” and we thank them for that. Sadly, “tripletcest” doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Honorable Mentions: Suiseiseki and Souseiseki, Rozen Maiden: Träumend; Aria and Lotte, Nanoha A’s; Yuuna and Yuuma, Pani Poni Dash; Ruri and Sango, To Heart 2; Aizenji and Aizenta, Shakugan no Shana

I think 2005 was the year of the futakoi, judging by all the twins. While we get good twincest from Aizenji and Aizenta, they’re really, really creepy… and not in a good way. Souseiseki isn’t much, but Suiseiseki is beyond awesome. Aria and Lotte get points for being nekomimi, and Yuuna and Yuuma provide nice fanservice. Ruri and Sango are, sadly, one of the only reasons to wade through the animated version of To Heart 2.

Worst Twins of 2005

Winner: Entire Cast, Futakoi Alternative


Yakuza? Squid aliens? WTF? Can’t they just make a normal harem show? It’ll at least be better than Ichigo 100% on strength of twins alone. It’s sad that the only good thing that I write about it goes something like, “At least they got rid of the goat.”

Best Costumes for 2005

Winner: Miyamoto-sensei, Pani Poni Dash


Becky changes outfits every episode. They know their audience, I’ll give them that.

Most Ecchi Spreads in Anime Magazines in 2005

Winner: Shuffle


If you have nothing to talk about, show lotsa cleavage. Just like this blog!

Most Anticipated Series for 2006

Winner: Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing without Gonzo. Hellsing without Gonzo. Hellsing without Gonzo. Hellsing without Gonzo. Hellsing without Gonzo.

Honorable Mentions: ああっ女神さまっ; Fate Stay Night; Air Gear; Welcome to the NHK; Looking Up at the Half Moon

Standard shows from manga… I wonder if they’re going to nerf Air Gear like Ten Ten.

Best Anime Website 2005

Winner: Wikipedia

Wikipedia is just a treasure trove of good information. I can’t think of another resource that has the breadth and depth of information in Wikipedia. For example, check out entries for Gun x Sword, Rozen Maiden, Gundam Seed Destiny, Sister Princess, Elfen Lied, Robotech, Jigoku Shoujo, Mai Hime, Shuffle, Jubei-chan, and nekomimi. The best part? If something is wrong, fix it yourself.

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  1. Aww cmon, not all the twins in Futa Alt were bad. While I can’t speak for the rest of the twins since they a) barely get any closure in Futa or Alt and b) are either one or two dimensional, but the Shiroganes are surely a couple hundred notches above them. And I’ll wager my computer and collection that they are defiantely higher rank than Yuuna/Yuuma and don’t get me wrong, I love PPD! and anything where SHAFT, Chiwa Saito and Satsuki Yukino form an unholy alliance. About the yakuzas and squids, like Kouhei er Rentarou said, “about arranged marriages, secret societies, squid monsters and biplanes. It’d be tiresome to explain it all logically but… Well… even though it’s like that, if I were to try and sum it up in one phrase. It is probably a story about love.” Mind you, certainly not the best way to show it, but aleast it’s better than seeing a rehash of Love Hina or train wreck that was Ichigo 100% TV.

    And Futakoi Alt wasn’t a really harem show, since it was only about Rentarou x Sara/Soujyu, which was one of its strong points. Saying its a harem show is saying like Tsukuyomi was a harem show which is a international offense in my book.

  2. Just going through the backlog.

    Isn’t it spelled “potpourri?”

  3. dude the futakoi alt twins are the best, they should’ve been the best twins. Futakoi alt is one of my fav shows so don’t hate!

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