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I honestly wanted to post this last night, but I literally fell asleep at the keyboard. After over a month of work, ABT gets an overhaul, a new name, and its own domain: blog好き. More availabe over here. And, yes, I will be taking down the old ABT at the end of the month.

Now I can finally start thinking about overhauling AoMM… nah. Anime first.

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  1. Nice! I love it, plus you are using K2. Awesome!

  2. I do have a suggestion for blogsuki. You should add a Contact Me/Contact, suggestion box or something like that. I also read the guide for bloggers and you mention that we should have a good favicon. But didn’t mention how or a good link to making one.

  3. You talk about categories on your guide for bloggers. I wanted to say that some sites like mine dont relay on categories any more but on a system of tags. I’m not sure if you know much about the tags system for blogs. The tag system is something like what uses to “categorize” sites.

  4. I’m sorry but I really don’t like that you insist that we use categories to get certain things done or listed on I think that tags are a better system than categories. At the beginning of the year, I moved from categories to tags by installing the WordPress plugin Ultimate Tag Warrior. I found in the past that when I creating a post that I would have the problem of either limiting the number of categories or using as many of categories as possible. I would end up creating as many categories as possible but that created the problem of me not able to figure out what going on. So I saw tags being implemented on Binary Bonsai, the blog for the creator of K2. I figured that I would do what he had done that is use as few categories as possible and have tons of tags. I have found out that tags just seem to work better for me. Tags are not as confining as categories.

    I’m not really sure if tags are sent on the RSS or Atom feeds. I will try to see if the tags can be included in the my feeds. Sorry for the long comment but I just had to tell you my feelings.

  5. Hey scott, I’m always up for suggestions.

    I don’t like tags for one simple reason: very few people use them. I think less than 10% of the blogs that I visit use tags, and a lot of blogging software (MT, TP, FolderBlog, Blogger, and don’t fully support tags. But almost all of those software packages support categories. I don’t use tags either. Why? WP has a very nice category system.

    Also, technorati really abuses tags. For instance, if you made a post like, “My cat was glued to the TV when Yu-Gi-Oh was on” technorati would file it under anime. It also causes blogs that have nothing to do with anime to become the top ranked “anime” blogs on technorati. I want to avoid that.

    Also, here’s an article on favicons. If you come up with one, please let me know, and I’ll reindex yours. It’s just basically any 15×15 image (jpg, png, gif, or ico).

  6. You make a good point and I have been bested. Tags are something that can be easily abused. I guess tags work for me but not for everyone. Maybe the reason technorati abuses tags is because it is an automatically done and not done manually. Who knows.

    Oh yeah. I have a suggestion for AoMM. I believe that you should add a link for blogsuki in the place of the link to ABT.

  7. Well, for example your post on Suzuka is tagged as “Sports”. There’s nothing about sports in that post. Categories (or tags) should be short and sweet and descriptive.

    And I will change the link over. Just been really busy, and Hash-cash is acting up. I just got my own comment rejected…

  8. I say… great job. And there I was, worrying about if I’ll be able to see ABT again on my birthday.

    Oh, and ouch on Hashcash :P.

  9. I really dig the new blogsuki. One thing which I wasn’t sure if you noticed but, the page at
    It appears to show the bottom post that’s in the feed for the blogs, not the newest. just a heads-up.

    Also I have a question, how does blogsuki determine the category of a post? is it a tag in the RSS feed? Having coded my blog from scratch, not using one of the pre-built ones, I’m struggling and failing to keep up with the various fancy features enjoyed by the blogging world :P

  10. LOL. Every time I think I have a good argument for the usage of tags you bring up a good point against tags. It makes me question my choice of using tags. But I believe in the usage of tags. They fit my thinking style better than categories and tags seem to be more fluid.

    This argument is sorta a little fun. I guess this sort of thing is what keeps the blogging community active. It’s strange. But I find that I tend to post more comments than posts.

  11. Wow, looks awesome. I’ve updated my links from ABT to BS… er, Blogsuki. On a side note, I don’t like tags either!

  12. Great job on blogsuki, Jason. Anime blog aggregators are really valuable community building tools – more power to you!

    On anime podcasts, I’m very flattered but will have to insist that I’m not worthy! I’m not worthy! Especially since I probably won’t be able get the Pani Poni Dash in-jokes. :P

  13. Zyl, I don’t get PPD in-jokes either… if you get those, that’s yet _another_ level of fanboyism. I’ll call it, “The Omni.”

    James, when a feed is first populated, it grabs the last post. Once a blog updates once, it will be accurate since then it reads only until it sees a dupe. The category system gave me the most grief. If you look at the RSS feed for AoMM, you can see a category tag. Blogsuki pulls the category from that then applies a metafilter that combines different categories. For example, AoMM used Rozen Maiden for Rozen Maiden 13-26. Kurogane and PS used Rozen Maiden ~Traumend~, SST and Matt used Rozen Maiden Traumend (with accent mark), and TL-Chan used Rozen Maiden Traumend (no accent). They all get combined by the filter to just “Rozen Maiden.”

    I removed hash-cash… thing rejected me again! Bad boy!

    I’ll look into the XML-RPC problems when I get some time. I do know that WP2’s trackback system is broken, so for WP2 blogs, that may be why it doesn’t work.

  14. Jason: Aha, thanks for the tip. By checking your feed and Kurogane’s, I was able to figure out how the category tags work, and now AMA ought to have them for future posts. (though my category system will need revamping, I didn’t implement sub-categories when I first made the blog, and now am seeing the need for them)

    The category collision metafilter issue definitely seems like it’d suck.. I commend your dedication. With regards to RPC, I performed some tests and posted my results over at the blogsuki comments thread

  15. I know we have had the argument here about the whole tags vs categories debate. I was curious to know your whole take on categories and tags. I was also curious to know how do you decide on the best why of choosing a category for a post. I sometimes have an extremely hard time picking a category.

  16. That last post by me was sort of a blog post request. I wanted to ask you to do a post on the subject of categories vs tags.

  17. Just look around and see how other people handle categories… the easiest way? Just categorize by show. I.e. Shakugan no Shana 17 goes into Shakugan no Shana. Everyone has their own style, but I think by series generally works best for an anime blog.

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