call to arms: shana vs saber

I’m going to ask for submissions for the upcoming Shana vs Saber matchup. If you would like to contribute a quick paragraph or a single point of analysis, please send to blog at verthandi d0t net. I want to get more opinions, and it’s a chance to sway the vote. Greatly appreciated. (I’d like to get this posted at the start of the next match…)

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  1. If there’s anything right in this world, Saber will win. That’s all I have to say.

  2. Saber will have an immediate disadvantage, however, in that she has had like…. 10 minutes of screentime/lines so far.

  3. loli vs knight…i’d go 4 teh knight xD

  4. Well there are lots of things you could compare them on.

    Sword skill: Probably goes to saber.

    Uberness: Mythical hero vs. guardian of reality. I’ll leave that for you to call.

    Hawtness: While I’ll admit Shana is cute, I don’t have a thing for lolis.

    Indestructability: They’ve both been impaled…

    Emotional Repression: Clear Saber win, but is that a good thing? Or maybe I should give Shana more credit in this catagory for denying that the male lead is really a person?

    Romantic Interest: Rin is so much hawter than Yuuji. What?…

    Taste in food: I have to say that likeing mellonpan is far, far superior to likeing “well structured meals” (which isn’t in the anime anyways).

  5. Jason, I sent you my points of analysis. Don’t worry, they’re succinct.

    I would say more but I have a final in like 15 hours.

  6. What you really need if you want to swing the vote is the CG from the game cleverly censored with melonpan.

    Uh… maybe not so cleverly? :-p

  7. Probably Saber will win I think… Saber still didn’t show us the power of his sword…
    Nietono no Shana VS Excalibur
    probably Saber’s sword will win
    Saber is skilled knight, had alot of fighting experiences (I think), but Shana is just a kid, lack of fighting experiences… Sorry my english is not very good, cannot express what i wanted to say..
    No matter what, Shana’s physical cannot beat Saber… Please remember Saber is King Arthur, a strong and famous heroic.

  8. Saber for the win!! :D

    She’s beautiful, honorable, strong and powerful (more than she looks).

    And on top of that, she likes stuffed pets, eats and sleeps a lot, too (that’s a plus in my book).

  9. .. and someone forgot their damned spoiler tag. Frankly, saying she was a King would tilt the votes towards the loli…

  10. cant tell this one itz tuff i judt cant decide ne one have ne good sugestions to sway my thoughts?

  11. One word: shana-tan
    both wield swords but paraphrasing a Holiday Inn Express ad, only one has played a school-girl. Which per my limited understanding, establishes solid anime street cred.

  12. #7 Woops! That was to far my friend, for everyone who don’t know about anything of F/SN h-game… well, sooner or later someone has to said it jejeje

    My heart is divided, Shana or Saber, Shana or Saber, oh men

  13. Shana will be nuked by Saber, I believe. Vaporized. There are swarms of zerglings … ahem, *fanboys*, which will crush any resistance.

  14. …………….spoilers…………..x_X

  15. Sigh…sorry for the double post, I had to go hit my head as to induce a concussion and hopefully forget the last 5 minutes….but to no avail. Anyway, I agree with Wyk72, Saber has a much greater fanbase than Shana. Also, in my book, stoic knight pwns loli anyday of the week :)

  16. I want to thank everyone who has taken their time to submit stuff thus far. Keep it coming. X_X

    Anime street cred 4tw. It’s almost as awesome as hip hop line dancing:

  17. why is everyone saying that Saber wins due to sword fighting skills? this is more of a popularity contest, not a fighting contest, or else someone like Nanoha would have the absolute win with her StarLight Breaker and all (the other girls just don’t have such insane damage potential). So stop saying it’s all about the fighting power, but character appeal!

    Shana ftw. xD

  18. Exactly. With that logic Chidori would lose 100-0 to Suigintou. And is there anyone who watch Shana because of her leet sword skills? =)

  19. Damn #7 for the spoilers.

    Saber vs Shana. [Comparison based on what has been revealed at anime-level. no reference from game/manga/etc]

    Saber has Shirou, a weakling useless master who wants to protect her.
    Shana has Yuji, who has a power gift within him that is seek by so many Tomogaras.

    Saber has an invisible sword.
    Shana has a fire sword that she can magically pull out of her cloak.

    Saber eats a proper dietary meal.
    Shana eats only melon-pan.

    Saber has 2 hgame titles behind her. [lmao]
    Shana has none.

    Saber is saved by Shirou from almost getting killed by Berzerker.
    Shana saves Yuji from Wilhelmina, and gets pierced instead.

    Saber wears a set of armor.
    Shana wears a school uniform and has wings.

    Shana ftw.

  20. Even if lot of people still haven’t got to know about Saber, she has the most maniac potential for becoming a fan favorite.
    As for Shanna, she would still get lot of support from roricon crowd.

  21. I suspect the loli-pedos out there will vote Shana, although Saber has a lot of fans… which is the only reason Shirou’s still alive. He’s completely useless, otherwise…

  22. One more
    Shana & Saber have an ahoge ^_^
    More cute on Shana of course

  23. Haha, when is the Ahoge battle poll going up?

    That could be like omega demon chaos.

  24. That would be fun jejeje
    “Ahoge of the year ^_^”

  25. Or it might be that ‘minority crowd’ thing again, lol.

  26. “Ahoge of the Year” eh? When I think of ahoge from this year, two biggies are Saber and Nono (Top wo nerae 2!). No other character can match the Nono’s ahoge. Her ahoge can command entire fleet of space monsters for god’s sake!

  27. Tanuki, you’re right… but I like how cute looks on Saber
    430 votes… WOW!
    Ok, we’re ready for this match…

  28. Shana’s ahoge is sort of behind (makes it hard to notice), Saber’s ahoge is protruding to front (looks like she might stab somebody with that thing).
    I’d be happy with either Shana or Saber… it’s a difficult choice. If I wasn’t a Tohsaka fan, I’d probably vote Saber without a doubt.

  29. Saber – Has a bigger sword, which is invisible
    Shana – Has a katana, which, as everyone knows, can cut through tanks

    Saber – Porn star
    Shana – Looks twelve

    This should be a close one.

  30. i vote shana. i’m female and not interested in either in dodgy ways.
    Shana’s the bestest! kick ass, bad ass, and moody. all with a cute smile and bright red hair.

  31. For Character Designs: Shana is loli and Saber a Knight. hmm…

    loli can be ok.. but Saber wins easy in the looks department.

    Plus I find Shana annoying, but not Saber, but then its hard to find Saber annoying since she doesn’t talk much, but stil I like Saber more.

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