final four: chidori vs nanoha

Not without controversy, the last semi-finalist is Shana, narrowing edging out Saber 52% to 48%. Is it that Shana’s love for Yuji, Shana’s perchance for melonpan, or just Shana’s general loliness that carries her to victory?

All hail Shana who advances to face Belldandy in the next round, and now the Final Four is set:


The first semifinal match pits two contestants who have barely anything in common.


#3 seed Chidori. Whispered.


#8 seed Nanoha. Magical girl.

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  1. This time… we must avoid being labelled pedoriffic and go for the girl who’s at least within spitting distance of adulthood. *votes*

  2. Isn’t Nanoha like 16 or so at the end of A’s?

  3. If a recall well, in the last episode, six years had passed since her last epic battle against Hayate and the Book of Darkness, so Jason, you’re right, she has 16 at the end of Nanoha A’s

    But I have my favorite here… Kaname Chidori.

  4. hmm so the possibilities of the finals can either be a loli vs. loli battle or not-loli vs not-loli or non-loli vs. loli. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm interesting how this will turn out

  5. As much as I like Chidori, I’m going to have to go Nanoha on this one! :D Gotta support the magical girls! ;)

  6. This time the halsiem is going to rule!

    Poor Sousuke, maybe can get a gohobi if he help Kaname to win this time (“Sousuke” is the code name for “cheater”). Gomen, bad joke.

    Let’s have a good match…

  7. Hmm…so difficult for me to choose who to vote for. Can’t decide who will be easier for Shana to defeat in the final match. :D

  8. mmm let me think…
    Magical girl vrs. Flame Haze
    Magical Girl vrs. Goddess
    Whispered vrs. Flame Haze
    Whispered vrs. Goddess

    Whispered vrs. Flame Haze ^_^

  9. Hmm….girl with Raging Heart Excelion mode with insane power, or girl with bodyguard with insane Lambda driver power. Hmm…

    I think people are going to be voting for Chidori, so I’ll go with the opposing side. Go Nanoha =)

  10. Hey Jason, we don’t have a Nanoha’s Dr. Jack style… I think we need one, at least for her sake. Not only roripedofins have the right to vote for her…

  11. Nah, Nanoha is getting trounced so I’m not sure if I can help unless I offered Nanoha doujinshis where she and Fate embark on a journey of discovery.

    Just how the hell did she beat Lacus?

  12. LOL maybe you got a point there…

    Nanoha and Fate doujinshis, good idea (make me want to see my private collection again. Yeah, I want to know how she beat my dear Lacus

  13. I’ve been voting up to here, but I just can’t choose this time! No matter who wins, it will be painful for me.

  14. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be Kana/Shana in the finals, but I think it would be interesting to see Kana/Bell.

    In the unlikely event Nanoha gets to the finals, she’s going to lose in a landslide. I can’t believe she won round one.

  15. I can’t believe Suigintou, Lacus, and Saber lost. This is the bizarro March Madness.

  16. Well, Sugintou is not the major character in her own series (which has been off the air for a while now and has never come to the US) whereas Chidori is part of the dynamic that makes her show work.
    Saber I think just has unfortunate timing. While in a normal situation I think she’d probably win, it’s hard to vote for her after the ten episodes of F/SN we’ve seen, even if you’re a huge fan of the game/doujinshi/whatever.
    I can’t really explain the Lacus thing, I was sure she’d crush Nanoha. But I guess I can’t say much, I don’t like Lacus, so I voted for Nanoha even though I’ve never actually watched LGN or the sequel.

  17. I suspect that Gundam SEED Destiny killed any popularity Lacus had as a character, even if they did give her a bustier and sexier double in the form of Meer Campbell. Still, she wasn’t as integral to the Gundam SEED Destiny storyline as Kaname is to FMP, nor were Suigintou or Saber (at the moment, at least). I suspect that, if we were voting at the very end of all those series’ runs, Saber might do better than Shana.

    Let’s see if Belldandy survives the next round – I know my heart’s with her, but the loli has a strong following.

  18. I’m looking at the newest issue of Newtype, and Lacus is #1 on it. I’m still puzzled at Shana’s following… though I’m kicking myself for not expanding this thing to 16 and including Eureka, Rei, Asuna, Mahoro, Major Motoko, Magikano’s Ayumi, Natsumi Hinata, and Nemu.

    Here’s the full ranking:

    1. Lacus
    2. Cagali
    3. Luna
    4. Four (Zeta’s)
    5. Eureka
    6. Stella
    7. Meyrin
    8. Saya
    9. Ayanami
    10. Shana

  19. hmm is it me or is that newtype rating seemed to be rigged to put older (age-wise) characters on top

  20. It’s just you – Motoko Kusanagi should top the list if age counts.. and she doesn’t. Mamiya Ayumi should be in the top 5’s due to age alone if that counted… and she isn’t. Asuna’s probably older than Shana.. and she’s not there either.

  21. Sorry Nanoha, but this time you have not chnance against Chidori. Ok, we’re ready for the next one… Go! Shana.

  22. Go Nanoha! ^_^

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