melancholy of haruhi suzumiya 5 discussion

Why doesn’t Yuki cosplay more?!? :(

I had a really hard time writing the post for Haruhi 5… what to write about? The plot? Meido Mikuru? Evangelion homage? The lack of Itsuki x Kyon yaoi? Okay, I was able to narrow it down a little. There’s just a lot to say about the series, which is pretty much the complete opposite of something like Kaga Kara Mamoru (which I found enjoyable, but in no way shape or form do I have anything to say beyond “Yuna overdosed on bananas“). That’s another reason why Haruhi is so damn haruhigasmic. As always, I enjoyed everyone’s thoughts on the episode as well as the expositions on the Sino-Taiwan-Korean-Japan-US relationship. Though is it sad that I know what underwear Mikuru was wearing and not know who the prime minister of South Korea is (Han Myung-Sook, thank you Google!).


First off, I completely forgot to mention Mikuru’s birthmark on her left breast. Does it have any significance? I hope so, I hope so. Will we see it again? I hope so, I hope so.

There’s already been an attempt to list Haruhi-ism as a religion on Wikipedia… though it got deleted fairly quickly ^^0 – melange

Wikipedia is turning into a mess… I love how the Haruhi discussion page there is just people bitching about the dumbest things, like linking to blogs and whether or not to combine info with the novels page. Isn’t the goal to provide the most information possible?

(Honestly, speaking to whomever got this entry removed, if you don’t like Haruhi, why would you mindlessly browse through Wikipedia just to find this “haruhiism” entry? Don’t you have better things to do with your life? Like, anything? If you do like Haruhi and got this removed, you deserve to burn in hell watching Mai Otome in an endless loop.)

Speaking of cults it would be amusing to see the a bunch of Otakus put Haruhism in the religion box on their census forms. In all liklihood Jedi and Haruhism will be the two fastest growing religions in the world, unfortunately Rastafarians and their Ganja are strong contenders. So who’s with me for putting Haruhism on the next census? – Crusader

I like Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya a lot, and I like the term “haruhiism,” but I strongly believe that one cannot come up with one’s own nickname. Nicknames are to be earned, not self-annointed. I feel strongly about this. Though when I first saw “haruhiism” in the OP, I didn’t think of religion as much as philosophy, kinda like a collection of quotes and ancedotes to live by. For instance, “men are potatoes” and “school dramas need moe meido.” Simple rules for a better life.

Nonetheless, as an alternate meme, I propose “haruhigasm” to replace “haruhiism” just so I can put something like this up next week:

How big was your haruhigasm this week?

The similarity between the ep 1 movie and the actual anime is … well, disappointing to me. It’s as if the show were as overdone as the movie, except that it takes itself seriously. – lolikitsune

Haruhi took Mikuru-run 00 seriously too. That’s the symmetry of it all. Though I like how the Ultra Director analogy fits Goddess Haruhi perfectly… she’s directing all the SOS Brigade members as if they were actors in her movie… only she doesn’t know it.

Hoho its getting interesting… more characters are gonna show up… brace urself. – Hikaryu

I just want to know who that meido is in the next episode review and if she’ll become a re-occuring character. (Something like 912 new shows this season, and only Haruhi and Inukami have meido? There’s more references to Colonel Sanders this season than meido, and that makes me sad. A debacle all the way around.) I’m anxiously awaiting the introduction to Mikuru’s even bustier onee-sama as well as the green haired chick.

The Korean Link I put up shows S Haruhi winning the battle of new April anime by margin of 52610 to 15337 over Higurashi which placed 2nd. – wontaek

With Haruhi already at #3 on ANN’s Top 10 anime, it’s easy to see why we love it. >:D – Kozumura

The traffic ranks from The 好き for the past 7 days:

  1. Haruhi
  2. Higurashi
  3. Fate/Stay Night
  4. Ouran
  5. Ergo Proxy
  6. Blood+
  7. Mai Otome
  8. Shana
  9. Jyu oh Sei
  10. Utawarerumono

Dead last? Simuon. Less visitors than Lamune.

And, WHAT? NO KYON X ITSUKI DATE? I demand my daily intake of yaoi! – DrmChsr0

Probably explains why Ouran is ranked so high. I do agree that there’s a distinct lack of yaoi anime compared to yuri anime… there’s so much yuri now that it can’t even save a problematic show like Simuon. At the very least, can’t we at least get Tamama to costume-rape Keroro?

(BTW, Keroro is the frickin’ cover story for this month’s issue of Newtype USA. “Mmm… we can go with this wildly popular Samurai 7 or Eureka 7… nah! Let’s go with this unlicensed series that only a few anime bloggers go ga-ga about!”… does anyone else actually read Newtype USA anymore? Just a huge tease job… I thought Keroro finally got licensed. Bastards.)

Hey, I still advocate the Haruhi/Kyon/Mikuru threesome. Still, nothing wrong with expanding your horizons a little. I think Haruhi would like teh yaoi. (Of course Kyon can’t be seme/uke) – DrmChsr0

to think that there are people who would perfer a guy over two hawt girls – EternalHikari

Well, they could be girls, so that would be fairly normal. (remember, Haruhi is NOT a typical example of the female gender) – Fencedude

Haruhi is definitely a seinen (appealing to older males) series, but I wonder if it can appeal to women as well. Or would they just watch it, sigh like Kyon, and declare, “men are potatoes.” Though if you are of the female gender, cute, single, and do behave like Haruhi, please send a photo to jason@blo… err… let’s just move on.

Mane dake ja tsumaranai no

Kinda funny how in the novel where they are making the movie, Haruhi said 95% of male population will be attracted to Mikuru. When Kyron asked about the other 5%, haruhi replied those are born gay lol – Onibaku

I stopped reading the novel translations at chapter 3. I just don’t want to spoil the rest of the series. Still, Haruhi and I think alike. That’s yet another reason why I’m cheating on Shana with her.

I look forward to an episode that doesn’t jump around too much. It sort of kills some of the buildup that I’d be feeling if it actually went chronologically. Though, you have to admit, it IS an interesting novelty how we’re not presented episodes in sequence. Maybe someone over at Kyoto Ani’s been watching too many Tarantino flicks? XD – Yuenyi Runa

I think the jumping around hurts the series if it is being marathoned, since it makes it seem more disjointed. At least following it weekly, it’s not too bad… it’s like they’re trying to squeeze Fumoffu in between episodes of TSR. Still, I agree that the novelty has been done and should be over with. Let’s just crank out more Moe Mikuru.

His powers are useable under clearly defined circumstances for a specific purpose. Harmonium handwavery this isn’t. – Vinland

Concise, logical, and well-written plots spell doom for this blog. Plot contrivances keep me going. ;)

Lessee… memorable novel-to-animes:
1) Seikei no Senki series (it was love at first sight)
2) Scrapped Princess (damn cool fights)
3) Twelve Kingdoms (best plot I’ve ever seen)
4) Maburaho (pretty nice magic show)
5) Trinity Blood (Gothic FTW, sadly author died last yr)
6) Shakugan no Shana (no comments needed)
7) **HARUHI NO YUUUTSU** (Da Best Kid in Town)
8) Inukami (still fresh but girl+dogtail=MOE!! though I’d prefer Nekomimi) – Musashiken

We’re listing famous and succesful novels-turned-anime yet no one mentions Slayers? For shame. – Symmetry

*cough* FULL METAL PANIC *cough*

I’m still disappointed that Tokyopop is translating stuff like the Gundam Seed novels instead of something like Full Metal Panic. Why would anyone read a novel about Gundam? “Strike takes out a beam saber and impales a Zaku.” Not really the best medium to be pimping PVC toys. The worst part is that they make their novels look like manga, so they stuck in the manga section. At least with the Vampire Hunter D novels, they make it into the sci-fi section of Borders.

Speaking of Chidori and Tess…

Coming from Kyoto animation, maybe it’s some pocket Lambda driver like in the first episode :p – Merun

Haruhi is a whispered! I’m waiting for a DVD extra that features Haruhi, Tess, and Kanon‘s Ayu taking a bath together. Haruhi would molest Tess while Ayu would make her whimpering noise in the background. I’d import like seventeen copies of this DVD, by the way. Speaking of suggestions to Kyoto Animation…

The words coming out of the screen in Yuki’s scene was definitely a nod towards Evangelion. Hey, maybe KyoAni heard you comparing this show to Eva and decided to do something about it! No? Coincidence? nah, there’s no coincidence in Haruhi’s world. Just ask Itsuki. – zero

I’m hoping that they’ll listen to either my Nekomimi Meido Mikuru or my Mikuru-Kyon-Haruhi threesome suggestions. That would just put the show past the pantheon level and onto its own transcendant, haruhigasmic plane.

Funny thing is, it seemed like Haruhi was humping Mikuru the enire last half of the photo-shoot. @_@ – elsab

Thanks for reminding me. That should have been an…

Kyon is not amused

UP Haruhi dry humping Mikuru.

17 Responses to “melancholy of haruhi suzumiya 5 discussion”

  1. Kinda pervy, but it’s been fun to keep on eye on Mikuru’s birthmark. Another sign of KyoAni’s attention to detail, but I think they screwed up. In episode 3, you can barely see it as Mikuru sits down in her bunny costume. Then there’s a close-up on her chest as Haruhi drags Mikuru out of the room, and it’s not there. But as Haruhi drags her down the hall, it’s back again. Maybe it’s just a matter of camera angles, but I think it’s a production mistake.

  2. >>I’m waiting for a DVD extra that features Haruhi, Tess, and Kanon’s Ayu taking a bath together. Haruhi would molest Tess while Ayu would make her whimpering noise in the background. I’d import like seventeen copies of this DVD, by the way. >>

    *dies* holy crap tat would be so amazing. throw in Misuzu from Air splashing Ayu begging her to play, and you’ll complete the KyoAni series, and this could single-handedly effectively bring anime to the mainstream male non-haado-gay american audience. XD

  3. My take on why Kyoto might have done the disjointed chronology of episodes is that since the first 3 eps are generally light-hearted and comedy themed, throwing in something serious and drama related (as is alluded to in ep4) might have ruined the ‘flow’ of the series. I know that personally, if they had stuck in drama so early, I wouldn’t have enjoyed eps 4 and 5 as much as I did.

    All this discussion about haruhiism makes me laugh because when Itsuki first explained who/why he was/there, that was seriously the first thing that popped into my head. “Haruhi created the world three years ago and is God. Works for me.”

  4. ‘Why doesn’t Yuki cosplay more?!? ‘

    I know. ’tis a sad day when we don’t see more Yuki cosplay.

  5. For nekkomimi meido look no further than Ouran if BONES gets enough funding (It sure doesn’t seem liek a problem yet, I wonder who is bank rolling them) to get to Volume 8 Chapter 35 I am sure you’ll be pleasantly suprised.

    Sorry about the off topic discussion about East Asian relations and the regional balance of power, though I am glad you got something out of it.

    Indeed it was a bit of a buzz kill to have Yuki-san in the same set of clothes on a weekend. I guess it just made Mikuru-ran’s outfit all the more moe. Come on Haruhi #6 and beach episode, Yuki in civies.

    Still if Scientology can be considered a religion and Pat Robertson and Falwell can found their own why not Haruhism or Haruhigasm? We’re not half as crazy and much more civil. At the end I hope to be able to compile a little red, err…. yellow book with a bunch of Haruhi quotes. Even if it is a philosophy there is no reason not to have an Order tasked with bringing the teachings to all corners of this world, afterall some say Buddhism is a philosophy and they have warrior monks.

    May your next Haruhigasm be as good as teh last if not better.

  6. Regarding Wikipedia, I think the hardcore editors there track the Recent Changes lists, so that is where attention comes from, most likely. I think rampant vandalism may be lashing back in the form of angrier editors. Wikipedia seriously needs to start requiring user registration.

  7. I actually think the baseball episode before this one somehow works because instead of all of us having to wrap our heads around the fact that these people are somehow super beings through exposition, we got some evidence of it from the stuff that happened in the baseball episode.

    We’ll have to see how they continue with the episode jumping and how they finish with ep 14 but so far, I think its really worked out well.

  8. In Asia we could just say Haruhi敎, but it is more difficult with Western toungue. Haruhism is a way of life, a philosophy, that might be considered religoin. Haruhists are people like us, whose daily activity include studying of teachings by Suzumiya Haruhi. Haruhic Church would be a gathering of people who share their experiences related to Haruhi. Haruhilogy would be the study of all things related to Haruhi. Lastly

    All sentient beings are bound to seek the truth, especially in what concerns Suzumiya Haruhi and SOS Dan, and to embrace it and hold on to it as they come to know it. This duty derives from “the very dignity of the sentient beings.” ( Modified from Dignitatis humanae article 1 and 2 )

  9. >>How big was your haruhigasm this week?

    Too damn big.
    Japan never leaves anything sacred.

    …Wait, Haruhi switched targets? Or is she taking revenge on Mikuru for being all lovey-dovey with the perpetually-indifferent Kyon?

  10. 1. Yes to “haruhigasm.”
    2. Keep mentioning Simoun, in whatever context. It is the second-best series this season and deserves more publicity. I pity the 95% of animephiles who haven’t seen it or didn’t like the first episode and stopped. People who think they like SF and don’t watch Simoun are missing out on some real SF, as opposed to the pedestrian stuff that passes for SF in most anime (SHnY excluded, of course).

  11. Dead last? Simuon. Less visitors than Lamune.

    I loved the anime series Lamune =/
    The ending kinda felt rushed though…and two back-to back hospitalizations O_o

  12. didn’t notice Mikuru has abirthmark

    *studies hard

    I like Simoun but with all the good shows this season. I just haven’t found time for it. I am still downloading and will catch up on it later.

    School Rumble

    Thats a lot of shows to keep up.

    This has probably been one of best anime season ever. So many good shows, pyscho lolis, fox and dogs and more yuri then you can shake a stick at.

  13. “Haruhi is a whispered! I’m waiting for a DVD extra that features Haruhi, Tess, and Kanon’s Ayu taking a bath together. Haruhi would molest Tess while Ayu would make her whimpering noise in the background.”


  14. I wouldn’t know much about the seasons, since I’d only started to keep track of what’s new each month, but I’d agree with Xellos on the list of shows: They are pretty good.

  15. >> …Wait, Haruhi switched targets? Or is she taking revenge on Mikuru for being all lovey-dovey with the perpetually-indifferent Kyon?

    I think she really wants that threesome between her, Mikuru, and Kyon. Or maybe that’s just me wishing too hard.

    >> Keep mentioning Simoun, in whatever context.

    Simoun reminds me of Cluster Edge, only with yuri elements replacing the yaoi elements.

  16. 1 more vote for simoun ! actually a serious show , SF and yuri are jus eye candy to hook ppl in :D

  17. Just thought that those worried about the Kanon conspiracy to kill off Haruhi.. a post on Darkmirage seems to think that this current season won’t go past novel 4 based on the episode jumps. Which may mean, sequel?


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