howto open your own meido cafe

How to open your own meido cafe for dummies. Honestly, you don’t need this book. I’ll help you save 1,300 yen. Step 1. Find very moe females (Mikuru baseline). Step 2. Find where I live. Step 3. Open shop near location discovered in step 2.

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  1. hahahahahahaha…

    (ten minutes later)

    I can’t believe there’s such a book. If the title was in English I’d be tempted to buy the book JUST to show it to my friends LOL.

    (continues laughing)

  2. Not just any maid cafe, you get to pick from a list of maid cafe woo woo.

    I personally like the idea of 居酒屋, come one some of you out there go open some by me.

    Cosplay cafe with Shinobu? And the twins?
    A man can dream…

  4. You forgot Steps 4 and 5.

    Step 4. Hire a lawyer.
    Step 5. Bribe Disney to ignore your little cafe.

  5. (Step 5. Bribe Disney to ignore your little cafe)

    Why Disney????
    Does Disney run maid-related shops?

  6. Well, a good portion of the porn industry in America is part of Disney, no?

  7. Really? Dang, the times have changed if Disney owns the majority of the porn industry in the US.

    As for this book, all I have to say is my standard line concerning anything with Japan, “Those crazy Japanese! They have way too much times on their hands!”

  8. what Moyism said .

  9. Mikuru need these books more than we do

  10. Ah yes, Lots of lovely maids.
    Who says heaven is not found in Tokyo.

    Be sure to bring your collar and leash.


  11. There`s a maid cafe in my backyard. I don`t understand what those roulette machines are for though….
    Oh shi-, it`s a maid pachinko center?

  12. Hey im doing a project on maid/ butler cafes for school in hawaii. I need some info on how they are run. I don’t read Japanese so the book that is posted isn’t any good for me if any one out there can send me some info in english i would appreciate it.

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