u-s-a! u-s-a!

Just in time for the World Cup too.

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  1. What are the odds of the USA getting the World Cup, though.

    I can’t see Mikuru’s pantsu.

  2. it’s ok, but yuki in this pic looks disgusting

  3. To hell with 74, I just changed teams for the World Cup.

    U-S-A! U-S-A!

  4. What a way to show your patriotism, by violating flag ediquette, and having Yuki do it no less. It is an affront to the eyes and it detracts from the rest of the group. This gets my lowest rating ever 3 seven thumbs up.

    Pantsu? I thought that it was agreed that those were bloomers. The US squares off against the Czech Republic tomorrow, we shall see if there is any veracity to the rumors of the Czech’s injury problems.

  5. That’s a shop there.

    Original picture here:

  6. like a virgin? o_0

  7. …touched for the very first time?

    (And the Dan-chou has some serious camel-toe going on there..)

  8. I see they’re going in order of size… does this mean they’re figuring the odds in that way too?

  9. you know, i’ve seen this pic 3 times allready, but i never noticed yuiki in it, damn haruhi panties.

  10. ZOMG! *nosebleed*

  11. Just by looking at the facts that American (*cough* potatoes *cough*) call “football” soccer shows how unlikely USA is going to win…

    Nagato sure knows the way of fan-service.

  12. Wow….go USA! We seriously need more quality Haruhi ecchi.

  13. Bandwidth exceed…. Go Imageshack. =P

  14. It’s an edited picture.

  15. Got the sucking bandwidth exceeded from imageshack :(

  16. I could care less who wins, I just want to see the fullsize of that sexy picture! You betray us, Image Shack Bandwidth!

  17. The real version can be seen here: http://img103.imageshack.us/my.....2d56cs.jpg

  18. FYI: Australia – Japan 3:1

  19. you guys missed the HD image before the imageshack betrayal?

    here it is: http://bin.4chan.org/a/src/1150104859333.jpg

    ENJOY xD

  20. I’m so glad I didn’t use my own bandwidth for this.

  21. The US just lost to the Czechs 3-0. Not even Yuki’s bikini debut could prevent it.

    ..camel toe…


  22. That was sad.

  23. US was the underdog of the match, and Czechs may be a final 4 material, so the defeat was not surprising. Still, I would have expected a 2 – 1 defeat. US might do well against Italy: I hope they do for many Italy team players are are so good at acting, they should go to show business when they retire from the sports. My hope: 2 – 2 draw between USA and Italy. Reality: 2 – (0 ( 60% ) or 1 ( 40% ) ) victory for Italy.

  24. My prediction for Japan is 3 losses. There is no way they can prevent a defeat to Brazil ( I say 5 – 1 Brazil ), and Croatia is a very tough team ( 2 – 1 Croatia ). For Korea, I will use the rule of not making predictions about your team.

  25. The way Italy took Ghana, (hard and from the rear) I am thinking that the US is just going to get rolled over. 3-0? that is a pretty pitiful world showing. I mean at least hold them to 2-0 or something if you aren’t going to score.

  26. *drool*


    *click full-size*

    *waterfall drool*

    *right click -> set as wallpaper*

    *Infinite drool*

  27. Damn it! USA 0-3 Czechs

  28. > US might do well against Italy


    *ROFL* *ROFL* *ROFL*

    All your base are belong to us.


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