fall 2006 preview: hataraki man

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Bah, anyone can do summer previews. It’s just right around the corner. (Actually, I think these previews are silly as seen from the spring 2006 disaster when people ignored Haruhi and Higurashi.) Let’s check out one random series coming this fall: Hataraki Man (働きマン).

Premise is fairly simple, based on the manga of the same name, it follows a 28-year-old woman, Matsukata, who is described as “naturally big breasted.” (Obviously, one reason why I’m previewing this series… definitely not because it was an Osamu Tezuka nominee with NANA and definitely not because this is from Hideaki Anno’s wife.) She is an editor of a popular magazine, and the stories deal with her trials to balance that and her personal life. It sounds like a bad NBC drama, doesn’t it? I’m not sure what genre to toss the series into… on one hand, Matsukata is <3. On the other hand, there are some Sex and the City-type moments where she complains that she doesn’t have time for sex, and how she needs Viagra to get into it. Okay, maybe not that hard: older shoujo/slice-of-life. Whether or not the raunchier elements will make it into the anime is to be seen. Nevertheless, I’m intrigued, and I’m going to keep an eye out for this series this fall. Entropy has translations of the manga available.

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  1. Wait isn’t Viagra for male erectile disfunction? It must be for her partner(s) right?

  2. Okay, now you got my attention. That sounds more than promising. =)

  3. viagra is known to stimulate women as well but it is less effective as the womens brain is a bit more complicated because i believe that thier part of the brain for sex is sepereated into multiple pieces while mens were in one place

  4. Anno Moyoco doing jousei? I hadn’t heard about this before. Thanks for the heads-up!

  5. I hate to point to Wikipedia, so I’ll just summarize myself: There are two hormones that influence the erectile function, one which causes the venes in the penis to loosen, and one which causes them to constrict. The man’s brain controls the production of these hormones; when there is a surplus of the latter, blood will accumulate in the penis, causing it become erect. A common cause for an erectile disfunction is that the production of said hormone can not overcome its counterpart. Viagra simply acts as a blocker, it cancels out the effect of the first hormone to some degree, thus letting the other do its job better. And, whether Viagra does have an actual or merely a placebo effect on women is still quite controversial.

  6. At least something else besides Death Note to look farward to for the upcoming fall season.

  7. i think it is a disaster too for autumn that people are ignoring kekkaishi!!!

  8. Is this manga any good? I have been thinking about download it but I just don’t know. Grrr!


  9. It would be an interesting series to watch if anyone was actually subbing it. Arienai has totally dropped the ball.

  10. First 3 episodes are absolutely excellent, but Arienai stopped subbing it ! What a shame…

  11. Bad news t

  12. ERR s

  13. FYI all of Hataraki Man has been finished and released. ^_^

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