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Set in the CE timeline immediately after Junius 7 crashed into Earth (hence CE73), Stargazer is a sidestory in the Orb-EA-Zaft soap opera.

(Reason #1,091 why I love anime? Zaku’s single eye. Goosebumps!)


The first episode is fairly basic (only 15 minutes long) and establishes a mood rather than a plot. Most of the episode deals with the pressing aftermath of the Junius crash and how the EA responds to the most troubled areas. In one such area, we learn that two DSSD (advanced weapons research organization for the EA) employees (Edmond and Selene) are trapped trying to reach their space-bound shuttle.


Why do I say it’s a mood setter? The remainder of the episode shows how Edmond tries to get Selene to the shuttle, even though Zaft forces loyal to Patrick Zala (Athrun’s dad) are blowing up the rescue teams (war crime-riffic). The episode establishes Edmond as a Mwu-type, with all the acclaim and experience and womanizing… and Selene as a very mysterious woman. She could be Mion’s great-great-great grandchild with that green hair and melonpan for all I know.


However, we’re shown a very tiny glimpse of the main star of Stargazer, Strike Noir Gundam, who along with Blue Duel and Verde Buster, form the Gundam backbone of this series. Strike Noir’s pilot, Sven, gets two lines, and we never clearly see his face. Aside from Sven’s name and the fact that they’re EA pilots who hate Phantom Pain, we don’t know much about them or how DSSD figures into the series.


Still, if the job of a first episode is to get me interested, I am. It went by very fast and seems to be a very different style than Gundam Seed Destiny in that the characters all look like older, military types without the emo. The animation is also much improved (probably since this is an OVA), and I’m hoping that Stargazer can be a grittier backstory for the CE universe like how War in the Pocket was for the original timeline. Just going to keep my fingers crossed that Sunrise doesn’t screw this one up. (And please, please don’t have Kira swoop in two episodes from now and save the day… please no!)

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  1. Ugh, does the world need more Gundam SEED?

  2. It must be generating cash somehow or they wouldn’t make it, who is still watching?

  3. soooo…. that second pic isn’t emo enough? looks pretty emo to me XD

  4. >kablaq
    Do not confuse passion and emo. They’re different

  5. Well, at least it’s animated better, there’s no Kira, and less screaming. It’s at least two steps above SEED Destiny, and one step above SEED. Now we just need more “War in the Pocket” or “08 MS Team” style conflicts and gritty stories, and we’re golden.

  6. DSSD is a neutral organization dedicated to deep space exploration, not a part of the EA. Actually, Selene is a coordinator. And I’m not sure what you mean about the Zala-loyal forces attacking rescue shuttles, since the GiNN that was attacking them was pretty clearly being piloted by 3 children who probably don’t have anything to do with Zala.

  7. I really don’t care much for Cosmic Era stories anymore, but Strike Noir looks pretty damned cool.

  8. Zeboim – we don’t know if the kids have anything to do with Zala or not… but they apparently WERE blowing things up for the hell of it, which given the Junius 7 incident happening about that time means that there’s a crapload of damage being done, and everyone’s on edge as a result.

    I have absolutely NO clue why a neutral organization would be running around with a Gundam anyways (see the Stargazer)… but I guess we’ll find out in the next two episodes.

  9. So what are the odds that Edmond will have a resurrection? The director might have changed, but this is still Sunrise we are talking about here. ;P

    One of my rules of thumb when it comes to anime is that unless we witness actual confirmation of death, the supposedly deceased character stills holds a Marvel Bring-Me-Back-To-Life card.

    In this case, Edmond has several things going for him,

    ..) His tank did not explode in a blaze of glory( although if Mwu/Kira can survive an explosion, anybody else in Gundam SEED can… unless they animate their bodies disintergrating).

    ..) His body is still relatively intact. Just more scarred now.

    Cheers. :P

  10. >> Ugh, does the world need more Gundam SEED?

    As much as the world needs 26 more episodes of Kanon.

    >> So what are the odds that Edmond will have a resurrection?

    Even Vegas wouldn’t take any bets on it.

  11. I think the question is ‘will Edmond have an amnesiac ep, or will he just show up with a really cool scar’ at this stage of the game.

    Still, I’m glad we’re seeing that SEED can be serious – as long as you ditch Fukuda. If this turns out like “08 MS Team” or “War in the Pocket”, I’ll be ecstatic.

  12. Hey, love the blog, but…

    Just so you know, you said you don’t know much about Sven and co except that they hate Phantom Pain. You’re kinda off, Sven and co are part of Phantom Pain. I’m guessing you’re getting the hate bit from when the Blu Duel’s pilot said “Who would request help from Phantom Pain?” or something like that, which was a joke she was making since Phantom Pain is a strictly military force, and tends not to help with civilians and such (if that makes any sense…).

  13. lol i dun like the frist episode of star gazer.. i thought that the secound 1 was way better

  14. sure theres only 3 ep in stargazer. but im pretty sure that somethin very important happened durin that time perioud. (What I think might happen) After the 3 ep, they might just start a whole new series or just continue on with stargazer and start the story with kira and everybody (including the new ppl)after the defeat of dullindal and begin a whole new story

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