black lagoon gets another season

Black Lagoon season 2 announced.

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  1. Sweet. More Revy action. Let’s hope they keep the action sequences as tight as they were the first time around.

  2. o_0

  3. huzzah! more angry vagoo, wait, was that here or?

  4. I hate when they do it. Having stories which actually end is one of the biggest attraction of anime, or at least used to be. Doing this wrong was one of the reasons Ranma sucked so much, and it looked like a lesson settled into thick skulls of execs. After all, they did a bunch of spinoffs instead of extensions. It’s a blessing that there’s no Haibane Renmei Advance or Azumanga Daioh College. Now we enter the age of milking. Honey and Clover II? Oh bleah.

  5. Honey & Clover 2 is very good as it was Fumoffu and TSR for Full Metal Panic!

    I think it depends. Bleach really sucks due to its extension and fillers, but other series had been blessed with a second season. Full Metal Panic being the typical example of a series making better than in its original version (TSR is way better than the first FMP!)

    I see Black Lagoon as one of those series who need and will be better with a second season. Same case with Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu and I’m sure everyone (who saw it) agrees

    PD. My english sucks (I talk spanish) so bear with it.

  6. @Pete: Actually there’s enough manga out for Black Lagoon that can be used for a second season that can conclude as neatly as the first. So they’d have to exhibit some incredible ineptitude to mess up season two when it comes to the story.

  7. Plus even if you like the first season and the second is bad, they can’t take from you what you have already.

  8. Speculation is that it will revolve around the Hansel and Gretel arc, which is on par with Mad Dog Meido.

  9. Ah more good news what an auspucious day more Revy, Dutch, and Rock. It also helps that I just took a a good look at my orders and I get a hafty sum for just breathing while stuck in limbo. Thanks for the news now the humidity doesn’t seem so bad.

  10. It doesn’t seem like it says anything about this on that website… is there any proof that this is true?

  11. I’m looking forward to the American release! Anybody know when it’s coming out?

  12. @Zeboim

    You want proof check this out:

  13. Pfft.

    “I hate when they do it. Having stories which actually end is one of the biggest attraction of anime, or at least used to be.”

    Are you kidding?

    I mean, I agree with you to a point, definitely — so many series have gotten extremely stale from a never-ending torrent of constantly weakening material..

    But that’s when you’re talking 100+ episodes.

    Black Lagoon only had 12 (very good) episodes — I’m really excited to hear there’s going to be a second season.

    Besides, that last episode didn’t really have an ‘ending.’ It was just like the ending of any other episode.. I wouldn’t have realized it was over even, except for the fact there was no preview which got me searching the web for the series length..

    Now, I mean — I guess that’s kind of cool, to leave it open ended as if another episode was coming.. but there was just no closure whatsoever for the series, except maybe seeing Rock and Revy buddy up a *tiny* bit more in their rough and tumble way.

    Bottom-line is that Black Lagoon deserves a second season, and I’m really happy to hear it’s coming.

    Woo-hoo! More character development!

    Other series I believe deserve second seasons are Genshiken, the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya [and a third for FMP!] — when series like all of those are left open ended, there’s room for further installments.

    It’s when series end with a good, finite ending that seconds seasons don’t belong.. (Da Capo anyone? And I know there’s others..)

  14. I am actually quite glad to hear that Black lagoon is coming back for a second season.

    i can understand what people are saying when it comes to a Anime draging on Forever. I also agree that they need another FMP I will look forward to that alot.

  15. Does anyone know when season two will be aired?

  16. If you’re reading this, know that BL season 2 has released in it’s entirety (12 eps) and not only rocks as hard as season 1, but is arguably better in terms of character development (as far as Rock, Revy, and Balalaika). If you heard about some vampire twins arc and thought it sounded cheesy, know that it is only the first couple episodes of season 2. The bulk of the season is gritty and action-packed, with most of it taking place in the Japanese organized crime underground. It will leave you wanting a 3rd season ASAP. Get your hands on it and check it out. -whiskie

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