mikuru pvc

Can’t afford a $400 Haruhi bunny girl resin kit? How about a Mikuru PVC at a fraction of the price?

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  1. oh… my… god…

    *head explodes*

    that white one is awesome… i bet they don’t allow international orders though :(

  2. yes, Yes, YES!

  3. mikuru sucks, i will be flamed but so be it DONT FALL TO THE MIKURU EVIL!!

  4. 7 47 4: i think you just lost about 20 years of life expectancy in that statement…

    *watches the haruhists string up 7 47 4 and start to whip him and put him in very revealing costumes*

  5. Ah, the wonders of white clothing…

    Anyway, is this being mass produced? If not, someone should have started to do so a long, LONG time ago!

  6. 7140 Yen? $63.39? 32 English Pounds and Fifty pence?! Woah, this is sale of the fscking century!

    Only problem is that is probably costs twice as much in shipping :'(

  7. Can we get a discount if we want both?

  8. kablaq, it’s haruhiists. not haruhists.

  9. I’d be a taker but I can’t read moon speak. Can any one translate the site, more specfically what payment methods are accepted, and how to place an order.

    As glorious as she is this All woman Mikuru or Mikuru-ran? I get no impression of being terrified or nervous, in fact she radiates confidence. Either that or Stripey’s mind tricks are beginning to work.

  10. No words…

    Should have sent…a poet…

  11. She’s shy and unsure, so it must be Mikuru-ran.

  12. I say no to both.

  13. I saw the white one…oh dear lord that one captivated me and urged me to get it when oh when it comes here…or Ill have it imported. Anything to get mikuru with the white suit ;p.

  14. I think everyone likes the white outfit because it doesn’t have pantyhose, somehow sexier.

  15. “the girl(s) who started world war three due to lack of pvc’s” lmao i do believe that could actually happen

  16. thanks for the link 7 47 4, is that from a doujin?

    well, i actually have to say the expression doesnt match mikuru’s personality and that im dissappointed.

    haruhi pvc was much much better.

    still i wouldnt mind having mikuru next to my laptop though ^^

  17. Poor Yuki is getting the Ayanami treatment in the doujins.

  18. I wonder how a $400 Mikuru figure will look like though :D

  19. hmm i wld just get the red one.. afterall its the one used in the animation ;)

  20. Kodukuu, I thought so myself but I’d prefer the red one without a pantyhose albeit fish net stockings like the Haruhi figurine wears would look even sexier.

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