first wives club 2.0

Continuing from 1.0

(Do they know that I’m cheating on them with Jessica? Mmm… Mikuru’s not wearing white.)

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  1. I believe in polygamy now.


  2. Mmmm, that is an awful lot of win for one image. I have to wonder, given Haruhi’s face, did she just sing God Knows.. another time?

  3. They all look a few years older..

  4. Too late; Kyon have them all ^_^ lucky bastard…

  5. The best one is where they have a picture of all the girls from the show in bunny suits. XD

  6. umm.. this fails

  7. only mikuru looks SEMI-ok

  8. Hmm Haruhi looks kinda slutty, mustve acquired that look from the process of ruining Mikuru for marriage.

  9. @Jason:
    >>>> Mmm… Mikuru’s not wearing white

    Yep, this is my blogger XDDDD

    Hell yes, and they even have Asakura! Perfect body!

  10. I didn’t know Yuki would deliberate change her physical manifestation to look a litle older.

  11. haruhi doesn’t look slutty in that pic.. nub
    her expression and glitter in her eyes make it looks like she’s about to cry though

  12. I interpret the narrowed eyes, the open mouth, and the suggestive smile as a bit sleazy.

  13. oh wow… now that shinjo over at hd has posted pics of it, i think im going to have to pick it up… must… serve.. the goddess…

  14. Are we suppose to make up our list or make comments on what a lucky bastard Kyon is?

  15. I am nearly moved to tears to see the Ladies of SOS-dan on their big day. Words cannot convey the beauty of this picture, if only…, if only LOL-Fang-tan were there too…and maybe ENOZ too.

    Commandant forgive me for my warface can’t withhold my joy.

  16. >>>Do they know that I’m cheating on them with Jessica?

    Come on, this is Oharuhi-sama we’re talking about. Ten bucks says she’s cosraping Jessica as we speak. And I doubt Jessica’s being less than “forthcoming” about any “information” she might be giving.

  17. @Random Guy

    you’re insane

  18. Where’s Itsuki in his bridal gown?

    …And Kyon moping in the corner?

  19. >>> …And Kyon moping in the corner?

    So Kyon has to work as Janitor in Haruhi’s wedding.

  20. That would be mopping. He probably would, though…

    That aside- Yuki went off the charts in the picture. I’m formally converting to Yukiism.

  21. No kidding. Yuki looks absolutely gorgeous.

    … But yeah, the bunny suits one is pretty good too. There’s even imouto.. in… bunny suit……….. :3

  22. My favourite picture of the SOS Dan brigade so far. The bunny suit picture is nice but this trio wedding photo has a touch of beauty, elegance, and class rolled into one. ^_^

  23. Haruhi’s wearing a LITTLE too much makeup… but I love the bridesmaids dresses on Yuki and Mikuru – tastefully done. Yuki looks very cute there, although Mikuru’s simply radiant in that gown.

  24. Yep…Mikuru has a see through and shes wearing nothing but dress. Gotta love these people. Yuki looks awsome in that dress though and her hair is just awsome. Its like loreal paris did all their hair and felt lazy 15 minutes in. *sigh* Still go Mikuru and Yuki *drool*

  25. :O


    And how can you even tell she has too much make up on? All I see is lipstick.

  26. What is this bunnygirl Haruhi pack picture? I wanna see Yuki-Usa! ….and Imouto-usa.

  27. >>>Mmm… Mikuru’s not wearing white.

    Must be one of those wedding traditions where bridesmaides who are ruined for marriage have to wear a different color, kinda like a Scarlet Letter.

  28. The look so… different…

  29. @Beowulf:
    >>They look so… smoking hot…


  30. …Sorry about the double post. I was struck speechless.


  31. All three of them are awesome.


  33. woooooooooooooooooooooooooow!
    love this picture!
    how pretty!
    all of them!

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