muteki kanban musume 9

The strongest bride on the planet.

Funniest Moments


This scene just cracked me up. I was rolling on the floor like a dog getting a tummy rub or a fanboy exposed to some really ass-kicking anime. Miki’s the best.


The second funniest moment has to be when Akihito plants the idea of taking on Miki’s mom in Megumi’s, Nya’s, and Miki’s pea-sized brains. It was definitely a moment to go, “OH NO!” but secretly you want it to happen. I think it even surpasses Mr Wong and Nina in terms of “OH NO!”


… speaking of pea-sized brains, I can’t help but laugh at Kankuro’s line about combining their “intellect and strength” to take on Miki’s mom. I don’t think that the three of them sum to an IQ of 100. With that said, I’d love to see if Kankuro can beat Vince Young’s Wonderlic score.


Though, as Akihito pointed out, adding Kankuro’s and Megumi’s “strength” to Miki’s isn’t much. After all neither can take Miki on… and Miki has no chance against her mom. Though I do give them credit for not taking her mom on directly and tried instead to use trickery… there’s they’re only chance for victory. (That and an asteroid landing on her mom… oh who am I kidding? Her mom would send that asteroid back into space.)


So emo. So cute. So Miki.


If only Sunrise, Studio Deen, and JC Staff were around to take notes. This, my anime studios, is how to battle.


Slave driver Miki. I’m positive that if the ancient Egyptians put her in charge of building the pyramids, they’d span from Paris to Beijing today.


NOOOOOOO! My precious Pretty Mami!

(Someone needs to Photoshop this image to swap out the generic Nekomimi Seifuku Mahou Shoujo and replace it with God Knows Haruhi. BTW, is it sad that I know what “nekomimi,” “seifuku,” “mahou,” and “shoujo” means yet only one of those words have ever appeared on any of my old Japanese exams?)

(Still, I loved Sensei interrupting Miki’s torture of Akihito’s doll… with Miki explaining, “Yep, his tastes run this way.”)


“Dame desu wa~!!!”


Bag “B.” If only Miki puts such effort and dedication into… any other part of her life, I’m sure she could win ten gold medals, a few Nobel prizes, and, of course, a couple of them internets.


Who would be able to take on Miki’s mom? I think Alucard would have the smarts to stay away… ditto for The Major, Natsumi Hinata, Van Fanel, Sagara, Inu Yasha, Gene Starwind, and Hakuoro (if he’s out of the bathroom by now). Anty, Fate-chan, and Youko would be eaten up by Miki’s mom. I don’t think a Revy-Mad Dog tag-team can take her down… I think she’s impervious to bullets. Mmm… I think Straw Hat Luffy has the requisite low IQ + high stamina to be able to take on Miki’s mom… and I still wouldn’t place a bet on him. I think I’ll go with Ichijou and her feast. Random chance at victory is better than no chance at victory. (Who needs Evangelions to fight off the invading Angels when humanity has her?)

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  1. “Who would be able to take on Miki’s mom? I think Alucard would have the smarts to stay away…”

    Well, Alucard pointed out that “only a human can kill a monster”, a motto he follows after his defeat in the hands of the Hellsing family. Miki’s mum would be exactly one of those people whom Alucard alluded to.^_^

  2. Who would be able to take on Miki’s mom?

    there is always goku… (don’t slap me, seriously)

  3. Nope, Goku, like other “house-trained” heroes, can easily be beaten by a maternal figure.^_^

  4. >> So emo. So cute. So Miki.
    That face remind me of a snake…

    A funny episode, and some people don’t give a damn for this show…

  5. Pea sized brains it is. And I thought better of Megumi.

    As for the ultimate match, how about Tsunade. They seem to be pretty evenly matched.

  6. >>I don’t think a Revy-Mad Dog tag-team can take her down… I think she’s impervious to bullets.

    I think she’s comparable to Mad Dog. They’re both in that area where they’re not so much skilled as just have the quality of causing the destruction of anything they see fit to destroy and always walking away from the resultant flaming crater.

  7. Miki’s mom is so awesome. I love her.

    That said, I think Shion would put up a good fight. She would tazer everyone and fool people into thinking that she’s her twin’s sister who is actually was born Shion but switched places so she takes over Shion’s real identity. Miki’s mom would rip out three of Shion’s nails. Then Shion would go bat-shit crazy and murder Miki, Megumi, that guy with the white hair, and then crucify the psycho dog and stab all its limbs until it bleeds to death. But, still, Miki’s mom would probably bust the bitch’s lip open.

    Tomoe might also have a chance, but she might see Miki’s mom as her onee-sama and try to do the nasty with her.

    Unstable Asuka piloting an Eva? Eh’, that’s probably only up to Miki’s level.

  8. I wonder what ever happened to Miki’s dad. Did Miki’s Mom break him? What sort of man could win the heart of someone like Onimaru Makiko and survive the loving!?

  9. Actually, outside of her ramen-making abilities, I’m not sure I’d choose to have her OVER the Angels destroying life as we know it… :D Although the ramen, and watching her beat-down Miki…

    Mmmm. Maybe it’d be worth it.

  10. I can’t imagine what was inside Bag “C”…

    I hope they throw in another scene with Miki in casual clothes before the show is over; she looks so cute without her ramen battle outfit.

    BTW, there are only three episodes left; do you think they could pull another 13 episodes?

  11. >>>Who would be able to take on Miki’s mom?

    You could always have Ginko exorcise whatever Mushi gives her that freakish strength and stamina, and turn her back into the cute little flashback-Makiko from episode 5, at which time she will instantly start crushing on Ginko like every female (and most males) in the Mushishi-verse. Of course, it wouldn’t last long enough for anyone to defeat her, because she’ll only end up permanently reacquiring said Mushi by the end of the episode, in a predictable yet extremely memorable and well-executed moment of dramatic irony.

    >>Vallen Valiant Says:
    Nope, Goku, like other “house-trained” heroes, can easily be beaten by a maternal figure.^_^

    Got that right. Shoot him with ki-blasts, knock him through mountains, and blow up the planet he’s on and he’s fine, but Chi-Chi pops him one for distracting their son from his studies and he turns into Shinji Ikari. Superman has Kryptonite and Goku has mothers.

    God, I just continued a reference to DBZ. I feel dirty.

  12. >>> Who would be able to take on Miki’s mom?

    What about the SOS-Dan? Mikuru might win her over, and Haruhi is surprisingly good at manipulating older people. If all fails, there is Nagato Yuki.

  13. On second thought, all she has to do is bribe Kyon with food.

  14. >>What about the SOS-Dan? Mikuru might win her over, and Haruhi is surprisingly good at manipulating older people. If all fails, there is Nagato Yuki.

    Considering how sharp-minded her mom is, she’d see through everything before any of the SOS had a chance to show her >

  15. @screenie 7: “STATLIGHT KNEE!”

  16. *starlight. -_-

  17. No, not even SOS-Dan. Ichijou’s Feast is indeed the only hope to do it.

  18. Y’know, I think shows where *everybody* is an idiot are funnier than ones where there’s a couple comic relief characters, or one or two smart ones.

    Galaxy Angel basically has none, and it’s hilarious, MKM doesn’t really have one, and it’s hilarious…Pani Poni Dash *definitely* doesn’t have one (Well, it has Rei, but she’s part of the insanity just as much as everyone else. :)

  19. Haven’t you read, she’s part of the new EVA movies, they replaced eva 01 with her.

  20. In that case, I do NOT want to know how Shinji pilots/rides her…

  21. Sorry if I’m stupid, but what exactly was she scared of? Was it the spider? And then she got over it really quickly?

  22. Either…
    a) it was the spider but she overcame her fear for the sake of remaining top dog, or
    b) she just acted like it was the spider to give Miki false hope so that when she defeated her yet again it would destroy her hope of finding a weakness utterly.

  23. I personally thought ‘One suddenly stopped on my face’ referred to, like, a fully loaded semi. :)

  24. The watermelon miki scene was just ace. I haven’t laughed that hard since FMP fumoffu.

  25. This episode was just grand. If only I wasn’t watching it on low volume and trying to keep my voice down since it was 6am in the morning when everyone was asleep :3

    It’s a shame not many people know about this show :(

  26. So nobody is going to mention one of the highlights of the show? Did anybody else realise that Nya-san talked normally during his “I need more training” speech?


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