muteki kanban musume 11

You know what they say– the camera adds ten extra ticks of emo.

Funniest Moments


I did a double-take the first time I heard “emo girl.” I don’t remember if I have ever heard it in anime before… “emo” has its original roots in English slang. The original usage usually meant some alternative/punk/rock fan who is a bit too hardcore… kinda like the punk version of otaku who own Nemu pillows… they were the guys in high school who slicked their hair, wore baggy, dark clothing with patterns, had chains on their wallets, and were always talking about slitting their wrists. Basically, goth without the occult but with music. Nowadays, I think emo has taken on degragatory meaning on the internet, but the main meaning is still rooted in music. But, with Miki, emo is a badge of honor. Especially on AoMM.


(I think Muteki Kanban Musume is animated/written well before I started blogging about it, so I highly doubt it has anything to do with my emo ramen blogging. Just rather the writers and I thought the same thing… “Damn, there’s a lot of emo and msg in this ramen!” And maybe that’s why I like this series so much… same wavelength… then I remember that it’s the Shuffle team behind this series.)


Seeing Wakana-chan dash around on Toshiyuki. Reminded me of Chiyo-chan for some reason.


Miki’s first attempt to ride Toshiyuki. I expected nothing less.


Kankuro’s attempt to ride Toshiyuki. He’s like an eleven year old boy trapped in a twenty year old body with the common sense of a seven year old. In other words, he’d be Stephen Hawkings if he were on Mai Otome instead.


Sensei’s attempt to ride Toshiyuki. Picture perfect. I couldn’t think of any better way to animate it besides having Sensei in a meido outfit.


Miki’s mom’s attempt to ride Toshiyuki. Cowering Toshiyuki! Miki was just so evil to suggest it… I thought that they secretly replaced her with Megumi or something.


Toshiyuki’s attempt to ride Miki. Get it off! Get it off! Get it off!


Miki’s second attempt to ride Toshiyuki. I liked everything– from her surfing style to how Kankuro blindly follows her like a moth to a fire.

(Though it’s disturbing to see Miki getting outpaced by both Kankuro and Toshiyuki the last two episodes. It’s like seeing back-to-back-to-back-to-back home runs.)


Finally, to complete the set, Megumi’s attempt to ride Toshiyuki. Dog sure gets around. Though I loved this scene as it so nicely ties up that “only people with pure hearts can ride Toshiyuki” angle… just completely blew up that theory in the most hilarious yet sensical way possible. That’s one thing I enjoy from Muteki Kanban Musume— all the humor grows out of the show. All of it, like Megumi’s riding on Toshiyuki, makes sense in the framework established… pretty much the opposite comedic style of something like Family Guy where Peter would say something like, “Reminds me of that time when I fought my evil twin” and they show this random clip of that out of the blue.


The Ramen Girl Smile contest. I can’t say enough good things about this segment– emo + smiling + Miki + Megumi + power-crazed cameraman + Sensei = good times. If they’d toss in meido fanservice, it’ll surpass bunny girl + witch + guitar + Aya Hirano in my favorite five minutes of anime this year. (Dark horse candidate: The King doing the robot. I just couldn’t stop laughing during that whole scene.)


Definitely enjoyed Megumi’s attempt to destroy Miki’s confidence… but definitely not as much as I enjoyed…


… Megumi’s hypnotic butt wiggle when she talked in a straight line. What’s she doing selling bread?!?


Power-crazed cameraman… Tomitake has nothin’ on Ohta. See, if I were the cameraman, I’d make sure I’d bring along a camera with a fast shutter with a prime lense. Better to go digital and use a camera with a large buffer. You’re going to have to be quick to capture those fleeting peaceful moments.


Sensei and ramen… she looks like a prison immate with that jumpsuit she always wears. Bah. Someone get her either (1) meido outfit (2) bunny suit (3) anything else besides that jumpsuit stat. Though the winner… well… looking at it logically…

Miki’s too emo.
Megumi’s too evil.
Miki’s mom is too old.
Sensei is too creepy.
That leaves only one possible winner… Kankuro in his short skirt! J/K. Go vote for your favorite in the new poll. Hilarious if Kankuro won…


One episode left. Savor it. Like good ramen, good to the last msg (or in this case, emo) soaked sip. (I watched it earlier… let’s just say it takes the ponytail route. And it ends with, “Let’s meet again!” I hope so.)

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  1. Yes.. it’s your fault that Megumi called Miki ‘Emo girl’. In Engrish. On screen. :D

    Still… it was lovely to see her riding Toshiyuki and having ramen, while Toshiyuki wouldn’t let Miki on, until it was time to rescue Wakana.

    Now, this episode only needed Megumi costume-raping Sensei to make it complete. Sensei in Hell’s Bunny or even Megumi’s uniform would’ve won the Internet, especially if she was in Ramen Mode at the time.

  2. >>> Miki’s mom’s attempt to ride Toshiyuki. Cowering Toshiyuki!

    Another evidence to back up the claim of who is the strongest character in all anime world.

  3. >>> … Megumi’s hypnotic butt wiggle when she talked in a straight line. What’s she doing selling bread?!?

    That is how she is selling bread.

  4. Too emo
    Too evil
    Too creepy
    PERFECT, what is this? robbie rotten picking a costume?

  5. In the last episode, Jason commented that Kayahara-sensei would be a pantheon-class character if she dressed differently. I would have to agree, Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge’s Nakahara Sunako is a pantheon-class manga character and she’s essentially Sensei in a rotating outfits and with a horror flick fetish.

    I wish there were a beach or pool OAV where all of the girls show off their swimsuits and Sensei rises up from the depths to own them all… once Miki stuck some ramen in her hands.

  6. This was probably the best Kanban Musume episode so far. Especially the picture contest in the second half had me wheezing for air ^_^

    Absolutely wonderful!

  7. Voted Megumi here at work, but we’ll vote Sensei once I get home; I just can’t decide!

    Loved Sensei’s lady-like riding, and yes, Megumi’s walk is hypnotic… :)

    Emo… So, they were really thinking about fans like Jason when they made this show… or who knows, maybe they just recalled Megumi’s and Miki’s seiyuu’s just to add that Emo comment; they were both off camera, so they probably just added the dialogue in the best place they could find ( ;) j/k )

    And you have to make a post-mortem on MKM!

  8. I voted Kankuro nya! (Hey, I’m a girl after all).
    I’m gonna miss this show. So simple yet so good : no artifice, no fanservice, no trying too hard to be cool.
    And Kankuro will always be my favorite poster girl.

  9. @Jason:

    I won’t be surprised if the animation studio’s PCs have your site bookmarked. It would explain all the traffic you get a lot.

    @Gary Ee:

    …Wow, someone else also reads The Wallflower (ugh, I hate the “official” english name). I really, really hope it gets animated.

  10. Tough choice between Kankuro and Kayahara for me, but I still feel Kankuro’s train and date episodes are the highlight of the show, so I went for him.

  11. Skribulous: Um, it is. This fall. Starting October 3rd.

  12. I’m afraid that studio people would not read a merely top English anime blog. Most of them do not read English, and if they did, the sports references would get them utterly lost.

    Did anyone want Sensei to win the photo contest? It would be perfect, I think. I do not care for her as a character, and cannot understand what exactly people find in her. But still, it would be just and equitable to give her this little triumph. Oh, and BTW, anyone seen the ep.3 of Fuujin Monogatari, “The Running Girl”?

    On a personal note, I finally got to see a ghost photograph. That phrase meant absolutely nothing to me and so I always wanted to know what Sakaki-san saw.

    And it seems that I misunderstood the nature of the show after all. Just one episode left… But it was a good ride.

  13. I thought Kayahara-sensei was a shoo-in to win the Ramen Girl contest. I thought it might been funnier if the ramen companies awarded her the prize and then get a big shock when she turns up to collect it. But her ghost appearances in the other photos also made perfect sense.

  14. Oh, a nitpick:

    > I remember that it’s the Shuffle team behind this series.

    ANN lists the studio for Muteki as Telecom Animation but asread for SHUFFLE!

  15. Actually, it’s partially your fault. ;) I’m the translator for KissSub working on Muteki, and I was questioning whether or not they really said “emo” in that part too. It could’ve been “emo” in Engrish, or Megumi was saying “imo” which is japanese for potato. But “potato girl” doesn’t really make much sense, unless it’s some kind of obscure Japanese slang… and if we’re going to use obscure slang and all, it might as well be audience specific, so I translated it as “emo” instead of “potato”.

  16. Notice that Ohta had the camera view placed squarely on Miki’s crotch before he moved it up to her face.

  17. wp: given that he was enthralled by lust for Hell’s Bunny an episode ago… this shouldn’t be a surprise.

  18. >> Actually, it’s partially your fault.

    “imo” is also slang for “hick/yokel,” so yeah, I can see how it is possible for Megumi to call Miki that. But wouldn’t they say “imo onna” instead of “imo GIRL”?

    First time I watched MKM11, I was thinking “EMO GIRL,” but then again, you tend to look for things more relevant to you. I guess the thing going against “EMO GIRL” is that they pronounced it too well… I would have expected more of an “a” sound to be more Engrish-like for “EMO.” In any case, I have no problem with the translation “EMO GIRL.” I think it fits better than “hick.”

    >> I’m gonna miss this show. So simple yet so good : no artifice, no fanservice, no trying too hard to be cool.

    There was fanservice. :) Megumi showed more skin in her shower scene than Eri did in hers.

  19. I thought about the GIRL thing too; I was thinking they could have used any other Japanese word if they intended it to be IMO, a japanese word, but by using GIRL, it changed everything. In this case, EMO sounds rather logical.

    Wish I could find the original script…

  20. >> There was fanservice. :) Megumi showed more skin in her shower scene than Eri did in hers.

    No recurring fanservice then. Each episode doesn’t on it. And Miki is still pure…except in fanart/doujin.

  21. So when’s the MKM cast going to be added to the emo pantheon?

  22. Ep 12: Cutest. Miki. EVER.

    It’s like Miki ended up cosplaying as Megumi… but cuter. Completely unlike her, but she was even deadlier than ever, albeit not in a ‘I want to kill you all’ sort of way.

    That, and the Hostess Emo face was the best one yet. :D “I want to throw up!”

  23. Scratch that – Miki’s look of fear with Kankuro’s new tactic’s pretty good too. Especially since I don’t know how he got his hair done that way… or who taught him to put on makeup.

  24. Actually, watching Megumi with a hard and non-emo expression’s better. :D

  25. … and with THAT accent too. Man, but this episode’s the best one.

  26. … and SENSEI asking for a strip show…

    Excuse me. I think I’ve just gone to heaven.

  27. YEah, but the way Miki holds herself is better in this ep – she tends to stand a lot like how Megumi does… which emphasizes certain… ahem… ‘assets’ as a result, instead of hunching forward, which tends to makes her shirt hang a bit and ‘hide’ them. Plus, the drunken accent Megumi has is lovely – rough and completely at odds with her image.

    One thing I will refuse to do: I’ll avoid posting pictures of Kankuro up – they’d scar everyone’s minds. About the only thing this episode was missing, IMO, was Hell’s Bunny. :D


    – The Screenshot that Launched a Thousand Yuri Fanfics

  29. Say… she sounds a LOT like Revi in that last bit, doesn’t she? Megumi, that is? :D

  30. Eh, I liked how she tried to get Miki to strip there… especially since, if you combine it with my earlier screencap, it launches those yuri fanfics.

  31. I think when megumi said emo, I think the word
    ment as ‘potato’. not EMO as in emotional.
    Miki as potato girl, sort of like being described
    as commoner.

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