i’m falling in love with a maiden



乙女はお姉さまに恋してる (Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru, I’m Falling in Love with a Maiden). I know nothing of this series beyond that it has a website. (Okay, I lied. I know something else… it’s twelve episodes long and starts 10/11/2006.)

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  1. That’s funny how the first screencap says “Kids Station” and they’re shoving cleavage into your face.

  2. japanese tv is great

  3. From what I understand it’s about a boy who is forced to crossdress and enter a girl’s school. Lots of shoujo-ai antics ensue.

  4. Isn’t the title closer to “A Maiden is Falling in Love with Big Sis (Me)”?

  5. “crossdress and enter a girl’s school”
    –> reminds me of “I My Me! Strawberry Eggs”


  6. O-to-me can either mean maid or virgin. I’ve heard tell that the original (game) had the kanji of virgin.

    It’s another problem of translation since in English, the status of being a maiden implies virginity, while in Japanese the word maiden is pronounced exactly the same as virgin. Argh, too much linguistic parallelism/connotation here, I can’t take it.

    Just give me cleavage in my face.

  7. It’s based on an H-Game where a guy takes his twins sisters place at a school…

  8. Horie Yui. QED. :-p

    The game’s OP is on Youtube too if you’re really bored. It’s pretty much the same as every half-assed visual novel OP around though. Certainly no Popotan at any rate.

  9. 乙女はお姉さまに恋してる (Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru)

    Er, that would be Otome wa Oneesama ni Koishite’ru actually. Boku would be 僕 or ぼく.

  10. > Er, that would be Otome wa Oneesama ni Koishite’ru actually. Boku would be 僕 or ぼく.

    Could mean the same thing anyway if it is oneesama speaking.

  11. It’s hard to see in that screencap, but the furigana above ‘oneesama’ is ‘boku’.
    Also, the guy doesn’t take his twin sister’s place (though I think that H-game is out there too), he goes to the school because it was in his uncle’s will.

  12. if yuri is the theme of spring, then crossdressing is the theme of autumn ; ; (which i’d say is significantly worse)

  13. Is it me or do trap-filled shows are starting to sprout everywhere?

    Mizuho (this show’s trap) plus Jun (Happiness!) just made this season a wee bit wierder.

  14. I

  15. Maid and maiden are rather different “things”. However, if the Japanese confused these terms, that would explain quite a lot or at least shed a different light on a couple of anime and the maid cult in general.

  16. I just

  17. my comment box broken

  18. The official site uses the kanji for “the maidens are falling in love with big sister” but gives the pronunciation in kana as “the maidens are falling in love with me.” Using the informal masculine “boku” for “me.” This strange but fruitful technique of using the kanji for one thing but specifying the pronunciation with kana that mean something else that creates a parallel meaning is something you see in manga from time to time.

    I think “otome” means “maiden,” or at least teenage girl. I get a picture of a rather well-brought up young lady. I don’t think “virgin” is really involved, except by distant implication. Like in Latin “virgo” means “unmarried girl” and only implies virgin.

  19. For the record, the one on the bottom in the lower image is THE TRAP

  20. Jason has already posted about the two trap shows of this season. I wonder if he will blog them *shudders*

  21. “It’s based on an H-Game where a guy takes his twins sisters place at a school… ”

    ..thats like, pretty much every h-game I’ve ever played…
    … whats the name of it again :p

  22. >>thats like, pretty much every h-game I’ve ever played…

    You have been playing the wrong ones then :P

  23. The kanji from the game is ‘処女はお姉さまに恋してる’, with the same pronounciation. They changed it for the anime.

    ‘処女’ is more often translated ‘virgin’.

  24. 処女 literally means virgin, while 乙女 means young girls basicly

  25. So what’s the real title for this anime?

  26. Crossdressing male leads to fake shoujoai? Based on a H-game? With cleavage? It sounds horrible. I’m going to watch this! Maybe even blog it so that I feel less of an idiot ^^;

  27. WTFBBQ

  28. I collect dead spammers, may I join as well or would you rather like to join my collection?

  29. Someone alert Bun-bun. No, wait. He only does telmarketers.

  30. And why does it say Kids Station in the lower-left corner of the first screencap? o_o

  31. kotori like we’ve never seen her before!

  32. >>kotori like we’ve never seen her before!


  33. first time here…
    this is definately a anime to watch for me… well i did play the game and its cool if u ask me. hahaha
    12 episode is rather short so i hope they don’t push everything in it like a junk.
    Miharu sounds like a girls name to me and he also looks like a girl completely…(i wonder if there is a real human being like him on earth…)
    I’m rooting for Shion~
    can’t wait for this

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