kiddy grade 2 in the works

According to ANS, Aya Hirano (Lumiere) let it slip during a Haruhi Suzumiya radio broadcast that Kiddy Grade 2 is in the works. The original 2002 series was an exercise in killing brain cells, and hopefully KG2 won’t delay any potential new Haruhi animation. (Still, Elcair fanservice makes me curious at least…)

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  1. One last charge of the GOTT brigade eh? Another thing of note is that Gonzo plans to animate Remeo and Juliet…How utterly delightful I am no fan of Romeo and Juliet it shall be interesting to see GONZO’s buthcher’s bill once this is done.

  2. I’ve already started the sacrifices to our God Haruhi-sama to bring us more of her wonderfull stories. As for the Kiddy Grade maybe they’ll actually have a real story this time.

    And I don’t know, I quite enjoyed thier Gankutsuou, while not totally true to the original it was a fun new experiance. I’ll at least look into thier Romeo and Juliet. I would say right now it can’t be worse then what my old Highschool used to show us. XD expecially since the Mechs and Meido will show up eventually.

  3. This is great news! IF shows like Kiddy grade are getting a second season(The show was not bad but not that great either) IT gives me hopes that a second season of Blood+ will be coming our way soon.

  4. Kiddy Grade had tonnes of potential… and yet it was all wasted. It has one good episode (episode 10), otherwise the lack of character development completely wrecked any enjoyment I could have had. I can’t care about characters if I don’t know anything about what they are like as “people”. Things lik Eclair drinking her milk straight from the carton, for example, or what Lumiere does on her day off. Things like that make me CARE about them.

  5. Really enjoyed KG myself, even if it was just sorta cookie-cutter action. I’ll gladly check out another season.

  6. *says it slowly in disbelief*

    They….. want…. to…. bring…. back….Kiddy Grade.

    I dobn’t get it. Why ?

    Nani ?

    When can they do something else more fruitful, like the ANime version of Douglas Adams Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy, they wanna do Kiddy Grade 2. I really wonder why. Kiddy Grade seemed complete on its own and didn’t need a continuation… why would they want to do this ?


    AH well…. never ask GONZO. I’m sure they have something in mind for it.

    Now I wish there was a NieA_7 2… or a Haibane Renmei 2….

  7. Gonzo’s Romeo and Juliet huh… That should be interesting no matter how bad it turns out to be. The 1996 hollywood movie was pretty cool. It was set in modern times but they kept all the dialogue the same. Romeo has a gun which said ‘longsword’ on it.

  8. Hmm…I hope it will be better than the first one.
    I mean, I liked the first one in the beginning, though I had no clue what was really going on and stuff. Then everything went “WEEEEE” and we’re getting flashbacks and stuff and I saw a trailer for the series after finishing it and…I did not recognize much (scenes I meant) xD; So I was like…”wtf…did I miss something o_O”..but..uh..yeh, a sequel sounds fun : D

  9. I can accept Mecha Romeo & Juliet if they keep the dialogue intact. I love the Hollywood version of R&J. Watching it was ecstasy.

  10. Gonzo’s Romeo x Juliet is going to be directed by Junichi Sato, same guy who created/directed Kaleido Star, so it might be good.

    Time will tell.

  11. I like to equate Kiddy Grade with ‘An updated version of the Dirty Pair’. With superpowers. I really liked the series. That last battle? Hot DAMN, that was one of the coolest anime battles I’ve ever seen. And a 64,000 kilometer giant robot? Sweeeeet.

  12. Kiddy Grade? I remember that show. I stopped watching it after the first battle sequence.

    I thought Gonzo’s The Count of Monte Cristo was done quite well, actually exceeding in material on some grounds compared to the book. But, that was with a good source material. If you’ve actually read R and J… in this day and age, it’s banalxpedophile material. In other words, Gonzo can’t go wrong unless they really screw up (like with Samurai 7).

  13. kiddy grade was kind of a above average anime with a sub-par storyline (so something must went right, maybe it’s the loli fanservice and yuri angle)
    i am curious what kind of sequal can they come up with though, since the story was pretty much warped up

  14. i will settle with any delay of haruhi(hopefully vanishing, and hopefully yuki gets the love she deserves) if and only if i get to see very merry chirstmas instead

  15. No delay to licensing of Melancholy or production of a second season will be tolerated! Death to the heretics!

    Sigh, I just hope the Playboy angle isn’t true, but I bet it is.

  16. This is great news! Kiddy Grade is one of those guilty pleasures of mine. The production values were through the roof, and it was just a really fun show. I think people who rag on it don’t really see the point of the show… which wasn’t to be something great or deep, it was just to have some fun kickass action with awesome animation.

  17. I am estatic to hear this great news! ^.^ I loved the series and can’t wait to see what they think of next. The first series had a good ending, had potential to go further, but was a satisfactory end. (I hate ending a series, so it’s my nature to want to see more :P ) Kiddy grade was quite deep, contrary to popular belief, but I guess it’s only as deep as you notice. I’m looking foward to it, and hoping for the best.

    Remember to keep an open mind when you watch anything, if you attack it with a negative attitude then you are depriving yourself from something that might really appeal to you.

  18. THERE’S GOING TO BE A SECOND SEASON OF KIDDY GRADE! o_o *screams in delight* !!!^^

  19. well i enjoyed Kiddy Grade. Kiddy Grade 2 sounds good to me. I mean the seris did leave me questioning a few things. I know season 2 will have more i hope. If not I’ll still like it. If you didn’t like it you got problems *drooling*. Anyways i would love to watch it, but i wonder it’s going to come out in the U.S. i mean like with an English audio on it. I hate waiting…

  20. Kiddy Grade was a great guilty pleasure. It was light hearted and fun and I can’t wait for the sequel. If you’re a cridic and you’re not a big fan of the show, don’t watch it. Just spare everyone else comments on how the show didn’t turn out how you thought it should.

  21. It’s already 2008 so where is it?!

  22. It is in the future. It isn’t like there was ever any official announcement that it would be released in 2008, but neither is the year over with yet. For reference, the reruns of the first series will end in October if they keep to a scheudule of one episode a week.

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