black lagoon 13

Twincest bloodsucking killer lolis. Here we go again.


Picking off where it left off, Black Lagoon serves up yet more delicious mayham. What could top an invincible chambermaid? How about them twincest bloodsucking killer lolis? Black Lagoon Second Barrage ups the ante once again with disturbing sexual tension on top of the already volcanic violence.

Everything seems to be a continuation from the first batch of episodes. Doesn’t feel like a new season– animation, the OP/ED, Lagoon Company– all intact. Just new stories to tell. And I’m happy as hell. Just the way I like it.

Bad Idea Jeans Awards


Picking a fight with Hotel Moscow. Balalaika is fearsome. She would make Oyashiro cringe. Let me put it this way– her “soft side” is editing pr0n.


Scolding twincest bloodsucking killer lolis. Do NOT– I repeat– do NOT piss off Aizenji and Aizenta.


If you live in a tough as nails city, and you see two unaccompanied lolis heading into a tough dive bar in said tough as nails city, r-u-n.


Rock not suggesting a threesome. Oh the bloodshed and melonpan that we’re missing!

(Shion/Mion/Rena/Rika/Satoko vs. Balalaika/Revy/Eda/Mad Dog/Gretal… no contest. I’ll take the Black Lagoon girls for pure body count. kthxbyebbq.)


Coyote Ragtime Show getting a second season. Gretel can kick all of their twelve robotic asses. She doesn’t even feel recoil from a gun that size.


God… Bless… Bizarro America?


No Revy fireworks. Though we get to see her reading US Weekly, that kinda makes up for it, right? No. Hell no.

(BTW, my old HDTV source can no longer provide me with HDTV raws. If anyone knows of a steady and quick source for HDTV raws, please let me know. Thanks.)

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  1. Well that was fast. The twincest vampire boss characters are definitely bad-ass as well as disturbing.

    The expression on Revy’s face when Eda mentions irregular periods is priceless though.

  2. i’m in suspense with Gretel’s BAR handling skills as well. no Marine ever used one with such ease, and they loved them to death in the Pacific and Korea. i’m also loving the sustainment of the OP, Red Fraction has almost no equal this season.

  3. I made some comments about two scenes in this episode. Copying from my post at hontou ni sou omou,

    Some lines that made me do a double-take.

    “Ladies do not carry heavy things,” says Gretel… as she is firing her machine-gun.

    “I’ll like to try it. I’ve never put an Ivan in before,” says Gretel.

    The above lines made no sense to me at first, until the cogs turned and made me go, “Say WHAT?!” Gretel wanting to have sex with a corpse is one thing, but she is implying that she has done it before( just not with a Russian). Okay…

    I wonder what Balalaika will do to the twins… From her dialogue in this episode, this is not the first time that she has had to deal with enemy children.
    ~~~~ ~~~~

    On a side-note… will Stripey find Gretel moe? She is a loli, has the hots for her brother, and her Gothic Lolita outfit resembles that of a Meido one.


  4. … she’s like the anti-loli – just LOOK at what her brother and her do to those Russians. If Stripey ever faced her and her brother in a dark hallway, I’m sure he’d run the other way, especially after comments like her wanting to have sex with a corpse.

    But man, Eda’s habit hides a LOT, doesn’t it? I didn’t even think anyone would have a chest that’d top Revy’s – and Eda’s look like they’re each the size of her head. Between that and her streetwalker wear – and the look or horror on Revy’s face whenever Eda opened her mouth or sprawled around showing her melonpan off, I think this was one of the best season-opening episodes yet this season.

    Still, I can’t complain about their not changing the OP or ED – it fits the series just fine, and they’re feeling like they’re picking up where they left off – which is a good thing.

  5. So which twincest is better? The one from Shakugan no Shana, or this? My choice would be… yeah this.

  6. And was I the only one thinking “Suigintou” when they started unleashing havoc?

  7. >>>God… Bless… Bizarro America?

    Me hate first season Black Lagoon, so me could wait to not see this episode, and me could not hate this episode less. Me not am think if twins been on Higurashi it am been much worse. Me am totally not watching next episode.

    Me hope Death Note this bad, because me know how they could not screw it up when it have crappy voice acting. Fansub am coming too soon. Me start now.

  8. btw, BAR is Browning Automatic Rifle for those who don’t know their guns.
    Endless BAR firing loop~ love the feminine touch of the keychain on the barrel. =P
    Vampire Twins poster

  9. quigonkenny’s rather… ah… ‘articulate’. I’m starting to wonder if ‘Sailor Moon’ is more his speed, the way he’s writing. ;)

  10. I can’t tell if you’re serious or not Haesslich…

    …you really don’t know about Bizarro?

  11. Oh My God. Goth-Loli-Vampire with a BAR. Fantastic Weapon. Fantastic Skill. Fantastic Cartridge, its used for hunting large game now days.

    Puts anything that come out a handgun to shame.

  12. MaverickRonin Says:
    …its used for hunting large game now days.

    “Large game,” huh? Like Humvees, you mean?

    Love all the pop-culture references in this series, like all the Terminator references back during the Mad Meido arc, and the Shining reference in this ep. Geneon needs to put their money down for an A-list set of VA’s for this series (Bebop-level), and they ought to get Tarantino to do a pass on the dub script. With his love for anime and mindless violence, you just know he’s already seen all these episodes anyway.

  13. >> Unscrupulous Sousuke Says:
    >> Red Fraction has almost no equal this season.

    Kanon makes a great challenge though
    Last Regrets is not Tori no Uta calibar, but the really fit the story and especially the OP sequence

  14. Gretel is voiced by Chiyo’s voice actress!

    God damn, I can’t watch Azumanga Daioh and Chiyo-chan the same way ever agains! ;__;

  15. russian corpse sex FTW…Gretel is hot

  16. Last Regret is still one of my fave anime songs ever. i’m not interested in watching the Kanon remake though. watched the old skool version, that was enough for me. i’ll invest my bandwidth in more Revi, thank you very much.

  17. I’m also pretty pleased that they went right off with “episode 13” instead of a new season… like they’ve already been making them while the original was going on, just a bit delayed.
    I had a bit of problem identifying Gretel’s gun though… it DOES have a lot of features from BAR (notably the shoulderstock), but for the most part I thought it was a customized M60.
    Grimacing Levy 4tw

  18. nope, it’s definitely a M1918A4 BAR. seems like it’s firing too fast, doesn’t it?

  19. >>sinistral Says:
    >>So which twincest is better? The one from Shakugan no >>Shana, or this? My choice would be… yeah this.

    Bah, the only contest is this or FMP!TSR … there I’m not sure.

  20. I never got around to watching past episode 4 of the first season, but now i *HAVE* to watch this season.

  21. ‘Balalaika’s Revenge.’ I like it just for the thrill of watching Balalaika go about getting ready to squash someone.

    Oh, if anyone knows how is Roanopra supposed to be romanized and is it a real city?

  22. >> russian corpse sex FTW…Gretel is hot

    Yep, these are my readers.

  23. >> russian corpse sex FTW…Gretel is hot

    While I’m not so sure about the Russian Corpse sex, I do have to admit Gretel is HOT.

  24. Looks like someone saw FMPTSR and decided to up the ante…

    Why does every show, even a show about blowing up stuff have to resort to these gimics these days?

  25. Epi: This is from the manga, which came out before FMP:TSR did, IIRC. The reason they’re resorting to it, IMO, is because of the main reason that Hollywood blockbusters in the 1990’s went with big explosions: they sell the product based on the audience’s expectations and wants.

    Besides, Gretel and Suigintou really need to team up.

  26. I know it’s more or less true to the manga but I disliked this in the manga as well. I really don’t think it suits Black Lagoon. It’s too bizarre, too over the top. I liked Black Lagoon for being somewhat “adult” compared to most other anime. Sure even the killer maid was showing the direction that the authors decided to follow. There’s no problem with using these anime cliches like maids, lolis and what not but you really don’t have to rape every manga or anime with this stuff. That’s like putting salt into your beer. Salt is fine but not for everything.

    “the main reason that Hollywood blockbusters in the 1990’s went with big explosions: they sell the product based on the audience’s expectations and wants.”

    That’s exactly why Hollywood is getting worse by the minute. They try to sell, they don’t try to make good movies. My definition of “good” has nothing to do with “blockbuster”.

  27. Chris: The problem with movies these days isn’t that they’re pandering to expectations – they always did that. However, they also often had stories which involved more depth than ‘how can person X have sex with person Y’ – something that’s been vanishing from the screens for the past 15 or 20 years. Look at the differences between Terminator 2 (great action movie) and Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (horrible action movie) for some of what I meant. There was more drama in the second than the third… and these days, special effects have taken over for acting, which means that the stories are getting more and more generic.

    One reason I’ve tended to dislike manga-to-anime conversions is because of the same tendency to rape it all with extra ‘things’ in order to ‘make it better’… which means the original story gets tossed out the window. Black Lagoon makes no pretensions to being a serious drama; it’s an action-adventure, and I’m fine with that. Now, when a series like Negima gets screwed over because they pull the story apart and then take out everything that is fun about the original story in the name of ‘improving’ it is when my blood gets up.

    If it’s in the original manga, then they’re not raping the story – complaining that because they did include a ‘vampire’ arc in it is like arguing that a series like Mobile Suit Gundam was ‘raped’ because they threw mecha into it.

  28. Haesslich, as said, I know it’s in the manga. So I’m not complaining to the anime director but the original manga author. I think he just threw in some trendy stuff to ensure that it sales but in my opinion, it’s always a bad idea to go for quantity and attract the wrong people, no matter what kind of product we’re talking about.

    If I wanted to complain about the anime conversion, I’d rant about how they draw women in the anime. The women look much better in the manga. Look at this hawt wallpaper (the black/white/red) for example:!661.entry

    Also in the anime you can easily see that they used a generic model for all women and patched that a little. I guess that doesn’t matter for people who have looked at the manga.

    There are certainly series that use mecha just for the effect to attract mecha fans. Gundam however is a mecha show by definition. With respect to “vampires” I can only say, I avoid them as much as possible. I said it before but Japanese just don’t understand how to utilize vampire horror. Well, it may work for Japanese but for Europeans or Americans who know vampires from movies or literature the Japanese way of the vampire is just “off” – that is not scary at all.

  29. Chris: From what I could tell, these aren’t exactly the supernatural type vampires – if anything, complain about the fact they’re goth-lolis and possibly incestous… a theme which has been showing up time and again the past couple of years in various media. That’s the type of trendy thing to go after. A lot of series delve into mythos to some degree, without losing the original ‘feel’ of whatever story they’re telling… but it’s cliches like the ‘killer lolis’ which one should worry about.

    And I agree with the characters feeling generic for the most part, at least as far as the women are concerned – Sister Yolanda and Gretel are at least semi-unique in their design, but the others aren’t quite sisters (but have similar facial shapes and figures), although there’s a lack of variety there… although I admit I liked Shen Hoa’s design due to the longer-than-reasonable-for-an-assassin hair.

    Seriously though – the ‘vampire twins’ are there to put in more action, not to add a ‘ooh, supernatural’ feel to the storyline, from what I can see. The worry I have with them is that they’re employing another overused plot device (gothic-loli killers; see “Coyote Ragtime Show”, “Shakugan no Shana”, maybe “Rozen Maiden” and “Karin” with the introduction of Anju… although she doesn’t fit the ‘killer’ definition), although so far they’re keeping things under control, and adding in the same elements which kept the first season cooking (over the top action, the knife-edge balanced relationships between the main characters, Balalaika trying to control everything).

  30. Chiyo-chan? Seriously….
    Checks ANN encyclopedia
    Listens to voice
    You killed Chiyo-chan! You bastard! =P

  31. Hey, where do you guys get to see these episodes and do they have subtitles????

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