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Best series of Fall 2006? Wouldn’t count against the Angelune-tai.


The Angelune-tai gets rebooted with five (and potentially six) new members as they continue their comedic space adventures… now occuring across two dimensions. Note that the braintrust for Galaxy Angelune is not the same as Galaxy Angel… instead, it’s the Magikano team.

Character Primer

I know that Broccoli has been having financial difficulty, so it’s odd to me that they’ll start up a brand Angelune-tai and retire the Angel-tai instead of milking it. Still, it may be a good thing– the new characters seem at least on par or better than the originals.


Milfeulle’s younger sister who is a blonde, lolier clone of Milfeulle. Just like her onee-san, Apricot is a bit clueless, a bit slow, enjoys cooking, and is an ace pilot. Milfeulle (sorry Chitose!) was my favorite Angel-tai, so Apricot grew on me quickly. She also has some phobia of men.

Kahlua / Tequila

Crazy, insane witch. Suffering from MPD, she switches back and forth from the docile Kahlua to the troublemaking Tequila after injesting alcohol (?!?). She has blonde hair/smaller breasts as Kahlua (and says “desu wa” and other more feminine phrases) and purple hair with top tier melonpan as Tequila. Instantly my favorite character– not just for Angelune-tai but for Fall 2006– why? Aya Hirano in her seductive voice. ‘Nuff said.

(“Niaan! Oki!”)


Loli catgirl tossed in to fulfill the delicious flat chest requirement. I wish I were joking. Ends her sentences with “no da.”


She is a fountain of phonetic gags (“danshaku” mispronounced for one). You really have to start paying attention when she speaks. I don’t like her as much just because of this– too much work for both of my brain cells.


Lily is an emo version of Nanoha A‘s Signum.


Floating, talking cat head that’s Kahlua’s familiar. I guess fills in for Norad’s role, and almost as annoying… I get a lot of flashbacks from Mimoret’s continuous “~nya.” At least it’s just a talking head so the chances of seeing Mimoret’s legs under a short skirt are thankfully low. (But this is Galaxy Angelune, so anything could happen.)



Uchuu de Koi wa ☆ Ru-run Run is currently my favorite OP of Fall 2006. Hi NRG just the way I like it.

(The animation quality is also pretty good with fluid movement. But, uh, I do remember Galaxy Angel badly slipping in animation as it progressed. Though it helps now that the group is based planetside instead of a floating space station so hopefully background will consist more of just pink sofas.)


Watch this episode if only for the Tequila x Apricot scenes. Apricot cannot touch men, so this makes sense and is highly encouraged.

(Aya Hirano in her seductress voice + Apricot screaming “Onee-sama!” at Tequila while all the other girls blush… I mean… unless Ayu, Kaori, and Nayuki have a threesome, this will be tough to top. Though I think Otome wa Boku has the best chance of topping it.)


The police tape from Chokotto Sister has returned, much to everyone’s dismay. At least those DVDs will sell like hotcakes. (FYI: Apricot is supposed to be around 14.)


I felt that the space battle scenes of the original Galaxy Angel was probably it’s weakest link (besides Norad) in that it was always the five Angels vs like armadas and the Angels win more often than not. Basically, Gundam Seed Destiny. Pretty much the same in Angelune— the comedy takes a hit (being comedic during interstellar combat is something only Sunrise can properly accomplish), and the action isn’t great.


Galaxy Angel is an acquired taste. If people can get into the unique brand of Angel-tai comedy, people will really enjoy the series. The same goes for Galaxy Angelune— but for fans of Ranpha, Milfeulle, Mint, and the original Angel-tai, it’ll seem like good ol’ times. I did enjoy the original series, and the new cast is potentially just as good (if only because of Kahlua/Tequila). Toss in better animation, a great OP, and Galaxy Angelune has the potential to be a great addition to the Galaxy Angel universe.

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  1. Weird, i can’t find a torrent for this anywhere… Dunno if you have any rules against asking for help in finding torrents here, but just name a site that has it…

  2. I watched the previous 4 seasons of Galaxy Angels… and I enjoyed this one very much.
    Sure, it didn’t have the same completely random gimmick the predecessor does, but it’s still a good watch.
    I got my fingers crossed for some cameos from the original cast.

  3. You posting a blog of it can only mean the subs are out… WHO’S SUBBING THIS???????

  4. Um, I blogged pretty much all of Mai Otome and Shakugan no Shana raw. It’s a PITA just because it was only worth it if I can get a post done before the subs came out, and I don’t have the same oodles of time that Omni seems to have.

  5. Just Google “anime raw” and bookmark the first page that comes up.

  6. This episode was fun but kinda lacked the spark that the original series had.

  7. One grouop is looking to sub it, but they’re recruiting staff to do so. Depends on how they do at that as to whether we’ll see it anytime soon.

  8. the problem with this series is that it’s kinda based on all the stuff from as far as 5 years ago
    chances are if you didn’t watch the original, Z, A, AA, and X, you are not gonna watch this, and that kept most of the ppl away

  9. Well, I wasn’t really intending to look much into this series seeing as I was a fan of the original and was not so hot on the idea of an entirely new cast…

    But I suppose I shall have to give it a second look when it does arrive on the subbing circle…

  10. gahh.. i really really wana watch this.. but my dismal hold on moonspeak prevents me from doin so.. sum1 SUB THIS PLZ!!

  11. Tokyotosho
    l33t raws

  12. I want to see this so bad, but I can’t moonspeak, so I must wait for a sub. :(
    I loved the past 4 seasons of G.A.

  13. It’s “Normad.” Not “Norad.”

    Broccoli receives a “+” point for not giving up and a “-” for having “crossdressing guy” instead of Kazuya from the game.

  14. I almost complete the third season and really liked this series, it’s crazy and really funny. When i read about the changes for this new season i feel bad because like everybody (i think) it would be great to see the return of the angels that we know and love, but after seen the info and pics here now i really interesting on the new season.

    Let’s give a try.

    PD: which is the season X?

  15. Damnn!!
    Everytime I saw Tequila, she reminds me of Suigintou…

  16. Galaxy Angel Season X was the one with Chitose;
    it has never been released in the US.

  17. Well I’ll be damned, someone else out there has my name too.

    I only ever saw the first series of GA, never had the time or HD space to check out the next couple, but I still plan on watching and enjoying Angelune, and the first ep doesn’t dissapoint.

  18. I’ve got word that episode 7 will be a “face-off” between the Rune Angels and the original Angels (big sis Millefeuille et al.). And it s eemed that Millefeuille looks unchanged. Here’s the link to summary and caps of episode 6 and the preview of episode 7 which shows Millefeuille:

    Sorry for misspelling Millefeuille’s name (we all know that it is Milfeulle officially), but I’m used to it.

  19. Bah subs haven’t come out in 2 months. -______-

    I was recently digging the ANN profile of Galaxy Angel (while watching season 3) and I found out that Mint’s seiyuu also does Shinku! Now whenever I watch Mint speak, I think of Shinku…… Awesome!

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